The Multitudes

We are one, maybe, sometime
Somewhere…unknown as I triangulate your I, with my you, to our position in the sky
Within wilderness where we are tangled
Separate yet yearning to be close
Where safety is not known, and both our seeking hearts fibrillate
Mine cold with fear of eventual collapse
Scared of the lashing back of feminine wrath
And what failure has proposed as the aftermath
Yours warm, needing warmth frightened of being alone
Desiring the attention of my mindful light
Afraid of neglect in the past and how it may find ways to be transposed
We are bound and navigate as we know how
With searching words, questions and advice shining in our eyes as hope
I will do for you as you do for me
With a conditioned love that moves tentatively
toward and yearns for unconditionality

Love, I feel for and within your parallel gravity- frightened and humble- I will follow where ever it leads me. There is no limit to my desired devotion. You make me happy when like water against my skin, without hesitation, immaculate, you move into our sphere where it is easy to drift listlessly, hypnotized and gazing until the embrace is… inevitable.


…I did not write the poem- it was a Valentine to me…

But you wrote the bottom part, which is also very nice indeed…