What Affect will the volcano in Iceland have on the United States? I heard on the news a couple of days ago that debris from the volcano is drifting towards the United States. Does the news have anything better to do than to freak us out. What affect will this have on us? Also, the news showed an Ariel photo taken from outer space, and the eruption of the smoke and everything looks like the outline of a scream mask from the movie Scream. Do they have anything better to point out?


Those pesky volcanoes! You should have a word with Swamarpika - he/she appears to share your concern. :slight_smile:

For a few days, here in the UK, the ash cloud caused a number of flights to be cancelled. A sprinkling of dust on cars here and there.

Probably best to worry about it when you have something to worry about.

For a little while, the air was cleaner. No flights. Not so pesky!

Be sure and tell Swamarpika!

Actually the dust can cause some severe issues with certain machines. It can be fine enough to go through many filters. Volcanic dust can cost millions in a subtle way. Think about that gritty ash and what it can do .

I live inside of a volcano.

I am not joking.

I really do.

Do you not live in Hawaii? if so then , Duuuuh :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: