Vow Of Silence

I was thinking about taking a Vow Of Silence and I would like to know if anyone on this forum has taken one? What did you experience, what went on inside your head, and did you learn anything from it? I’ve been really interested in this lately, and I think being able listen instead of converse would be an awesome experience. Being able to examine society for what it really is, find out how important the things that people say really are, and realizing the things you say are just as important as theirs. I’ve practiced this before in short durations, such as a half of a day. I loved being silent, even for very short durations. I’ve only tried this though while within a group of friends. Some of them get kinda angry and irritated when you don’t talk and I’d assume it would be hard in society. I did enjoy that little time I had to be silent and observe, though.

So if anyone has anything to share, information and experiences alike, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I didn’t actually take a vow of silence, but I haven’t left my house in almost eight years. I think I have talked to (physically, in person) 3 people in that time. My mother, father, and brother. But not to listen to other people, rather to hear myself more thoroughly.

May I ask how old are you? Do you exercise? Is that even healthy? Lol.

Also, is that by choice?

There are many “healths.”

I have tried to consciously ‘suppress’ all of wanton thoughts that usually arise during the day and after a few days I could hear all of ‘thoughts’ in my sleep (voices, etc.), like I couldn’t fall completely asleep but was aware of all that happened while I was ‘asleep’. I didn’t like that experience very much because I really wanted to shut it all out and just sleep. I guess you eventually become very aware and sensitive of everything that goes through your head, like consciously following your every breath. And it’s a bit exhausting and distracting…well, maybe more than a little bit. :laughing:

I do remember you talking about this awhile ago and talking to me about it.

I tried this at school a couple days ago and it seems to me that people would like to converse AND have you listen instead of just being a listener. It seems to me that humans need controversy almost all the time. At lunch though, I stopped, but was able to analyze people a lot more.

Also, I was able to analyze people’s behavior a lot more and they way they act and how people depend on conversing. I haven’t thought about it a lot until I did it and man was it fun, but like you said before, they get angry and aggitated and even sometimes just tell you to talk.

Why so cryptic? I’m fairly certain “physical health” was implied.
Maybe I’m wrong.

It isn’t cryptic. There are many healths. I don’t know how I can be any clearer. If I don’t write then my mind gets restless and I begin having tremors, panic attacks, and fits of neuralgia. If I don’t keep the cup of pleasure continually from my lips and live in nearly complete solitude, I can’t think or write. It is either solitude and mental disease or I try to live a normal life and develop anxiety and mental disease of another order. Health is the third, mediating term in that dialectic which keeps me continually wavering in between the two forms of illness, but never touching upon either one of them.

Besides, health is always an expression of self-knowledge. We all have different mental and physical constitutions which require different things. What I require to survive would probably kill you.

Your either healthy (Physically.) or not. And you make quite big assumptions.

I would stay away from acid if I were you.

Haha, I love it.

I would stay away from thinking if I were you.

Is that suppose to be belittlement there sir? He has a right to say what he thinks, so therefore I’d suggest revising what you say from now on.

:laughing: You think yourself quite a special case, don’t you?

Secondly, what makes you think what you require is so much better than the rest of us that it would supposidly kill us, hm?
I see you no much better than the rest of us Parodites so don’t try to make yourself seem superior than the rest of us.

Who said anything about better? Don’t put words in my goddamn mouth. I require solitude to be able to live, without it I cannot concentrate on writing, and my anxiety disorder gets out of control. What I require is not “better.” I don’t know where you got that.

No I don’t think I am a special case. We all require different things to be healthy; what you require might mean death for me, what I require might mean death for you. There is no superior and inferior in it.

But the fact that you assholes are so quick to jump onto me for such benign and non-presuming comments does say a lot about you. You know, in the insecurity department.

:laughing: You’re right. It’s so easy to get a grasp on a person’s self-worth through one sentence in a forum on the internet. I’ll bow out gracefully now.

It shows what is on the tip of your tongue. What is on the tip of your tongue must have been buried deep down in your lungs for a long time.