Wag the Dog?

Was this picture of the supposed suicide bombers fixed?

legitgov.org/cctv_image_of_u … 40705.html


oh yes, it is an evil right wing government conspiracy…


You make too many assumptions Imp. Like the assumption that terrorists are at work here. For you it may be better to believe what you are told. Doesn’t work for me. Makes you a good citizen. A good machine. It’s just popular belief and you my friend are buying into it, hook, line and bloody sinker. Not once have I offered any kind of explanation, I have only offered information. Something doesn’t sit right, but it’s too uncomfortable to look at alternatives, something that might shatter your good old American way, your belief system. You don’t have to think, or grow or know true freedom. Better to believe the government. Whenever a crime is committed, the question is always asked, “who has the most to gain?”. Ask the question and then come back to me with some decent compelling arguments or go and sit in your brainwashed corner and leave the discussion for the those of us that care.


If you study the picture closer you see that the “left arm” of the person is actually part of the stairs behind the railing. You can see the difference in color, as the jacked is of a slightly darker tone.

exactly… you have irrefutable evidence that it was blair and his evil right wing government cronies that set up the bombings all so they could go murdering innocents in iraq…

right… “true” freedom…

nice ad hominems… but heed your own words… “You don’t have to think”…


Most of us do not have the equipment necessary to fairly assess this photo… what we do have is this: the knowlege that both government and media often spoonfeed us what they would prefer that we know/think. If I’m sensing surprise that a photo might have been retouched… then I am more shocked at public surprise than I am at the altering of the photo itself.


  1. Do you believe everything you read?
  2. In this technologically advanced world, do you believe everything you see?
  3. Has no government ever covered up anything?
  4. Has no untruth ever been printed?

Surely we are not that naive. Take faith in no man, nor no thing that some man created.

LMAO Impotent you make me laugh!!!

No… our governments wouldn’t lie to us… no, of course not.
Iraq DID have WMD
Iraq WAS doing deals with Osama
Iraq WAS buying uranium from Niger
The trucks we saw in Powel photos WERE mobile labs
The war WAS legitimate and had U.N Approval
Iraq was a hotbed of terrorism BEFORE the invasion
The troops woud be welcomed with flowers and chocolate
The war would be a ‘push over’
Saddam threatened the U.S. BEFORE the invasion etc etc etc…
(and thats just recently)

Impotent, you’re just as funny as the lefties you send up because both of you are only concerned with who’s the best at squashing data into your own preconceived prejudice boxes – what data doesn’t fit, gets trimmed or thrown away.

You are just as blind and stubborn as the religious people you send up because your faith is just as great, but its in Bush and the neoCONS not god.

I have always said that people who dislike each other end up resembling their opponent because both sides fight it out by matching tactics and rhetoric until both blend together in style and focus. The only difference in the end are the symbols.

PS: I think you forget that your founding fathers demanded that U.S. citizens keep the government in check and remain vigilant of their every move. That’s what REAL patriotism is; blind subservience to a ruling party is not patriotism.

Just a little hard on the fella, ya think?
Imp----I’m coming to your defense here! The “Impotent” thing was a backhander.

Don’t give up your faith Imp… just don’t place that faith in man. Man will always let you down.

thanks for the defense, but it only illustrates his maturity and lack of intellectual weight to deal with an actual argument…

no, that is my faith in man…

men are greedy and selfish first and foremost, that doesn’t let me down…


Fortunately, the men who work in government are somehow different…

Hey Impenitent, Man, free your mind! Don’t you know, that unless you believe a whole bunch of crazy crap, you’re just part of ‘the machine’? I mean, who do you think killed JFK!?! Think about it, man!

That argument is so fallacious I am actually saddened to see it at a site dedicated to philosophy. At least it is in Mundane Babble.

Re the photo

Fistly, didn’t I see this as a video when it was first released? I think so. If so, this conjecture can be put to rest.

Anyway, if I get time, I’ll post a blow up of the photo (maybe with the dodgy bits pointed out)

The thing that concerns me is that I can see 2 areas that are disturbing.

  1. Light on the rail could coincidently match the exact shade/colour of the highlight on his face… or a movement blur? Thats possible.

  2. Then there’s under the arm. I don’t believe the rail is passing in front of his arm. It looks like his arm is bent… the rail passes underneath (which it should) but I’m curious about why the the colouring continues from the bent arm downward? The line breaks too cleanly to be clothing and its not that likely that it’s another movement blur. The more I look at it the more it becomes obvious that its a continuation of the shadow from behind the railings.

The rest of the photo is absoutely perfect. The bomber in question even has artifacts (faults from the camera resolution) that a professional would remove. These flaws also match the flaws elsewhere in the photo and the lighting is identical. Its impossible to imitate the lightling like this with such poor quality image.

I would say this is 98% genuine but London should invest in better resolution cameras. For a few grand extra per camera, they could have far better quality photos.

The quote above comes from a person who believes in a big man in the sky who has all the demands and emotions of an insecure despot… murders his only son… loves his children but will punish them eternally for not following (or being able to follow) his instructions when no one knows which instructions are his and which are made up?

Oh… and according to Ucc, he fuckin’ hates FAGGOT CUNTS! — in a loving sort of way, of course. :slight_smile:

Ucc, if you really do believe you are working for a loving god, it might help to know, its people like you that push people like me a thousand miles away from god. That may not bother you, but if you are on earth to do gods work – and not Ucc’s – you may want to think about what I just said very, very carefully. Who knows, this could be god’s warning to you?

Interesting stuff. It appears to me that it is quite possible he is super-imposed. That is just my opinion using MS paint.

I’d like to see some experts check this out.

No, not being “hard on the old fella” is exactly why he’s called Impotent.

Hang around and you’ll see what I mean re his blind allegiance to the CONservatives (I picked up the capitalization from old cripple dick himself)

Sleep with him and you’ll know why he’s called Impotent. Everyone else has… maybe he’s saving the best till last :unamused:

Again, you make assumptions. I didn’t say it was Blair. I said something wasn’t right. I’m asking that we question the information we are being given. That is all. I have not once said it’s a right wing government. My own opinion is that it’s probably more about money than politics. Wild assumptions Imp. Wild assumptions. Please, don’t read into my words, read my words.


and besides your insults what do you say?


but as you said “You don’t have to think”…


Exactly Gate, perfectly said.

Imp, we are on the same side then. You should have not trouble then with someone suggesting people look at a photo to see if it was stiched up.

If it was stiched up – which I don’t believe it was – it could have been done by a dozen different goups who have a vested interest in directing the attention onto this group or away from another.

 So if I don't think that picture was doctored, if I don't hate Bush, and if I fake fun of conspiracy nutters, I'm a bad Christian? No wonder I only ever see you in Mundane Babble and the Rant House.  I mean, you're opening paragraph and half was fine- mindless insult, not fit to be criticized. But then you went and tried to make a serious point. 

Now see,

this is much more your style, and you’re way way better at it. I’d stick to the flames, and leave attempts at insight to someone a little more…lucid?