Wag the Dog?

Before this photo is accepted as a fact, I would like to have proof that it was indeed something that existed in reality and not just another internet hoax. Is anyone talking about this photo anywhere else besides this website?

It could be doctored because the hosts of the site doctored it.

The picture looks OK to me…

…not sure about the time and date though.

No…no… no…, the christian reference has nothing to do with doctored photos or Bush.

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  2. My christian reference came AFTER that sentence
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But not the mightly philosophically challenged Uccisore, he has to climb over paragraphs and link two different topics together. Fucking brilliant.

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I will never be able to flame like you. I just dont have the buckets of bile, years of abuse and depth of self hate to power me on. I’m sorry, but you beat me hands down everytime.

I just checked the photo on photoshop and could see what was the site mentioned. However, the effects remind me of when a photo is not taken with or corrected for true color. For instance, a person could be standing by a metal object that is glaring in the sun and a photo is taken. The glare in real life will make the one side of, say a fair skinned, person’s face as bright as that person’s face could be. However, in the photo, that side of the face will appear to be white and match the glare coming off of the metal. The metal will be white and the face will be white. You are not seeing a true representation of nature color.

In this photo, the same thing seems to have happened. The glare that was cast on the rail was the same glare on his face and so the photo (which was low quality) drew them on the image in the same way. The jacket is the same case.

You can get this effect by shooting a person in front of bright water.

Anyway, when I blew the image up in photoshop I could tell that it was very poor quality as the image became very pixilated after only a few magnifications.