Want Ads.

How about personal want ads? You know, like Phil looking for Philet? [-o<

I vote…ridiculous.

Pout. :frowning:

Geez now I feel bad. Maybe it isn’t a bad idea really.

Mundane Babble’s basically cocktail hour already. You’re welcome to post any (tasteful) want-ad there. Go ahead and start taking auditions. The ladies will come a-running. All three of them.

Me, personally posting, would be a waste of time and space. I don’t seem to have anything left to offer. However, I think there are others who might find a pairing by interest useful, and perhaps productive. But posting on the forum format would be useless, as not many are going to wade through it all.

You’re probably right, but this site is about the interest, not the pairing. If people get to know each other and hit it off through discussions about philosophy, that’s awesome; we’ll link the pictures of their toga-clad wedding on the homepage. But in terms of the types of exchange we’re interested in fostering, match-making comes second at least.

Why so down on yourself, Phil? You seem like a sincere chap with a good head on his shoulders. Isn’t it premature to declare yourself spent?

What if you guys found out that I was actually a super hot chick in disguise as an unshaven and crude dude?

A cross dresser is a cross dresser. :laughing:

Secondly, I don’t think your meaning as to what a hot chick is would be significant. So many guys attracted to empty houses.

My last wife challenged me at work, for weeks she tried to out work me. I had taken a temporary job at a brazing factory. I was the only one in the place she could not out work. The idea that she tried meant alot. I thought that was sexy–I thought she had a work ethic. Found out too late she had undiagnosed hypothyroid. Really messes up stability.

You may find that there are FOUR maybe five females currently posting on ILP, actually! [-X Speaking for myself: I’d need to see pictures and stats before I considered making any guy a consideration… :smiley:

I, myself, require a look into a person’s soul first. Keep in mind the original meaning of the term meant mind.

Magsj, I’m 28, and a leo. That’s my picture over there on the left.

[[size=85]Psst, Smears…your other left. :slight_smile: [/size]]

…their soul? how profound! Does that make it less of a minefield in finding your match?

You want to be attracted to their mind as well as their physicality?

Wow, Smears: I’m really taken by the way your head systematically explodes and then reconstitutes itself! :wink: such a talent you got there! :wink:

I’m 38, I’m a Scorpio, and I live in London! :slight_smile:

Actually, no. In order to see into the soul of a person, you have to live with them, commit with them, and let them be what they are, encourage them. I learn by experience–from reality. There is no other way. It has been a very hard way to go, but it is part of what I am.

All I do is ask, do you want to get married, have kids, raise a family the best that we can do? If they say yes, I get married. If they say no, I say piss off-- well, not in those words.

How many times have you been married? as a female: I don’t want to have been round the block too many times before I marry, but it seems de rigeur for men! :unamused:

I’ve never been married, and only ever had a few boyfriends (and I’m 38 already :astonished: ) Any tips you can offer me? [-o<

I have been married 4 times.

Only be fair, that is all one can do.

4? Wow! I’m just trying to aim for one… :laughing: as I don’t mind being owned by the right guy, and them by me, of course :wink:

Thanks for the advice - I will be fair to any potential husbands I may come across… :slight_smile: :laughing:

I was aiming for one myself, however, I could never consider an attitude of ownership.

Perhaps your quest for the one started younger than mine? I only started wanting to be married: recently/as I neared the grand old age of 38…

The idea of being owned is quite appealing to me, but I don’t know why! :-s the ownership will be a mutual one, of course - oooooh, I’m quite excited about the prospect! :slight_smile: