Want to be considered by the world as a genius?

before or after the grave? In what specialized field?

F. Scott Fitz sells more books of Great Gatsby per year now, than sold in his entire lifetime. He drank himself into oblivion because of it, thinking himself a failure, but hey, what great prose now.

Yes I do, but not for prideful or egoistic reasons.

Before/after grave doesn’t make a difference to me, but I think before would be more useful and effective. I’d like the chance to answer questions about it.

Field: saving the world.

everybody is genius i believe. Thus , for me, one shall not judge other by their own intellect and experience.

I’d be happy to be considered a genius by the world… I might be more correctly considered an idiot savant… What I know about philosophy and life does not give me as much satisfaction as knowing I can rebuild a motot or transmission or carburature by the book…I have a hide sitting in a tub being washed… It needs fat scraped off, and some hair with the epidermis… I have tried perhaps six or seven of these over the years, and not succeeded once in getting one fully taned… It is a tremendous amount of work, and not usually man’s work; but a lesson in the technology of the past… And an example of my many interests, which could not be satisfied by ten, or even a hundred life times… I will be like Faustus, and never say Enough… When I die I will only feel cheated…

Do I want to be considered a genius?

Of course!

I also want a billion dollars, world domination, freedom from consequences, an afterlife of bliss (or an eternal life here of bliss), and a myriad of other things that aren’t realistic.

So of course, genius is beyond you as you show by your desires…Wisdom is as wisdom wants…

The strengths and weaknesses we all have and seldom share make us blind to the strengths and weaknesses of others… It is the great leaders of this world who can recognize and profit from the great minds among them…It may be for this reason that history moves by fits and starts, because genius blooms at times alge, or piles up like splashing carp in the shallows to breed, with each one trying to out do the other…

Oh, I didn’t say that. I said public recognition is beyond me :slight_smile:.

I wouldn’t really want to be considered by the world as a genius while I am still alive because then you would have people wanting you to answer their questions all of the time. The two main problems with that are; even as a genius you might not have all of the answers to every conceivable question, and that people don’t even really want the answers.

Sometimes people will approach me with questions on something and then they become bored and disinterested because some answers require explanation and they are expecting something short and sweet.

Every question has an answer… Not every problem has a question… When out of the problem or the mass of problems one is presented with one can distill a question; the answer is very near at hand… One physicist had already come up with an equasion for energy and mass, but he solved for mass which everyone has enough of… Einstein soved for energy which no one has enough of simply by turning the equasion around, and the ratio had been in existence for a long time, since the early eighteen hundreds…To me, that is the challenge, not to find the answer, but to find the question; and then my guess is that everyone will find they already have the answer…

I shall never judge you again and I wish I never had…

Yes please - count me in!

[neuroscience sounds appealing]

Of course. I can’t think of any reason someone wouldn’t. But, as long as I’m remembered, I don’t care how. I could be remembered like Stephen Hawking or like Jeffrey Dahmer. Just as long as the world knows my name…

While there’s no danger of this happening to me, I wouldn’t like it. I don’t even like running into people I know at the market.

I know what you mean… There is nothing worse than a disappointed customer…

I would rather be then be considered. you can serve mankind better that way.

Do not become a victim of hubris, a human genius is, in the long term, worth no more than a worm.

I would rather become a genius, then merely be considered by the world as a genius.

Worth, as value is the same as meaning… I rate people higher than worms… What does it matter if we are worm food and worm crap, and even, to an extent, the same stuff as worms… It is what we do that counts, and not what we are… What we are is doomed… What we do is use forms to preserve knowledge and to build better forms for ourselves…Humanity is greater than itself… What can be said about the entire population of worms???.No matter in what quantity you have them they are only the multiple of one worm…Together, and in time, we are greater than what we are…

That’s true, but if everyone were capable of that, nobody would ever need to ask me anything.