So, I just bought Wargroove.
So far, so good.
I’m playing the main missions first.
It’s on steam for around $25 i figure.

I hate that sort of cartooning.

I kinda like games like this, but have never really gotten deep into one or good at one.

I got about half way through Gears Tactics. That was alright.

I know some of the final fantasy tactics entries are pretty highly regarded.

There’s a game out that caught my interest called Project Triangle Strategy that I’d want to play, but it’s just way too much story for my taste…

Kinda passively interested in other similar games. Xcom. Into the Breach.

Weirdly, I’ve heard that Mario + Rabbids series is quite well regarded as a Tactics game.

How are you getting on with it anyway, Dan? Does it feel good to play? That’s the main thing for me.

I been making progress. I beat around 5 missions i think.

The interface seems smooth to me.