Wars discharge EXCESS CAPACITY

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"Get a grip Envirofrigginmental and educate yourself about how many of the earth’s resources have been wasted in training exercises for the armed forces, shipping materials and personnel, bombing and strafing civilians, and, in general, spending THREE TRILLION DOLLARS on a stupid criminal war

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This is an excellent example of EXCESS CAPACITY: you see the “money” spent or the “cost” is all imaginary, it is not based on anything, it could cost a 1,000 trillion or whatever, any amount of money can be spent on those wars and on anything else because the money is just a place holder, a symbol, an imaginary entity that is supposed to reflect some imaginary labor process. But since labor has been automated out of existence, since our technology and machines and “cheap oil - energy thanks to human ingenuity” can create any amount of automatic wealth and can manipulate reality in any possible way, no one will ever “pay” for this in terms of labor since we live in automatic economies. People pay because they get hurt, not because it “costs too much”.

This money and accounting is all fake, does not exist. What exists is our capacity to wage wars half way across the globe, to pay thousands of people for doing essentially nothing but pretending to “fight” because we live in societies that are too rich to know what to do with themselves. Our technology has made it possible to wage a hundred wars with trillions of fighter planes and warships and billions of soldiers paid for playing around the war game, all for free.

World war one and two were the beginning of the demonstration of EXCESS CAPACITY, industrial might that is discharged through war, since all that industrial might and capacity and production does not know how to discharge its huge productivity. The housing bubble is another example of how the automatic wealth tries to discharge its EXCESS CAPACITY through building too many houses, McManisons, etc.

Two million Apple IPADS were sold in two months, a billion cell phones were sold last year, 50 million cars were sold last year, etc. etc. This means we are way too rich to know what to do with ourselves, and all of this production with only maybe 200 million factory workers worldwide. Therefore we need free salaries about 2,500 dollars a month, very cheap rents about 200 dollars a month for a three bedroom high quality house since the economy is so rich it can easily furnish it to all. And free health care, free food, and free everything, trillions of skyscrapers, trillions of cadillacs, spaceships, space exploration, etc.

We are ENTITLED to all of this and much more because the system is too rich, it is so rich it is going crazy, it is going out of its mind.
What creates poverty is CONFLICT, is people going against each other for futile reasons. Even two people represents a population explosion if they fight. And Tokyo has 20 million people in a very high density environment but they know how to behave themselves, they are disciplined, that is why they are so rich. You can sleep literally in the streets in Tokyo and no one will bother you (science fiction for the USA). Behavior and non conflict creates wealth because instead of discharging energy against each other, it is discharged against nature (the real enemy, nature has always been mans enemy since the beginning of time) to dominate it and create shared wealth for everyone.

Otherwise spend all the EXCESS CAPACITY on wars. Wars are waged and invented to discharge all the EXCESS CAPACITY (and give free salaries and money to thousands of defense companies : the military - industrial complex), not for the fairy tale reasons of Allah against Jesus.

"trillions of skyscrapers, "

In fact I calculated that the USA can host 9 billion skyscrapers each about 1,000 square meters in area. So maybe 100 floors each that is 900 trillion square meters. So each free house is about 100 square meters, so 9 trillion free houses. That takes care of any population explosion for some time. But after we can build them across the entire planet, so you can get a 100 trillion free houses. Then within the solar system on all planets and you can get A TRILLION SKYSCRAPERS in the solar system.

We need a trillion skyscrapers, lets build them right away instead of fighting each other, the guy with the beard can start laying the first bricks and armored cement, have fun, and you can really work for once in your life. But robots will build them all automatically, so just watch them build themselves and enjoy.

So you see, there is no resource scarcity, there is no population explosion, only some people, like the guy with the beard that doesn’t want other people around. But there is room for everyone and all for free.

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it…

So then all the news stories I read about Greek financial problems, Europian financial problems, US federal and state financial problems, massives debt loads around the world, collapsing economies, record foreclosures, high unemployment, manipulating currency values… these are all lies?

You’ll have to excuse me for not seeing that as a symbol of wealth.

The money system is just an invention, a place holder, a fake - make believe obstacle to the full expression of all of the excess capacity in the system: it is not a fight of Capital against Labor, but of Excess Productive Capacity against Ideology, against an ethic - moralistic inhibition of all of the excess capacity expressing itself to the fullest and creating total worldwide wealth. The money system creates interdictions to the free flow of wealth to everyone: if the builders could build a million new homes and skyscrapers all across the USA, they would do it right away and create more wealth for everyone.

That being said, Humans are War, we are defined and operate on and exist only in warlike terms.

We are “anger”. We operate on “contrast” and “conflict”. It is the only thing humans really are: they are always fighting each other, always contrasting - opposing will powers, there is no solution to this because this is the elementary particle of the way our minds - brains - emotion systems work. Everything is a constant measure of “who” did “what”, “do I approve”, am I “against”, “am I approved of”, “does he/she like me”, and so on with ever more elaborate and complex internal narratives.

We can paint a pretty “rational” picture that tries to hide the basis of our fundamentally simple emotion, pain/pleasure circuits interacting with others, but the truth is that the human mind is like a one transistor circuit, just like religion and god: obey god = pleasure, disobey = pain. It is like a short circuit with no where to go. And it will always be like this no matter how much you try to “think” your emotions away, you try to “think” your contrasts and conflicts away, or you try to “find solutions”, etc.

There are no solutions: the only solution would be to change the way our minds are hardwired, to change the neural circuiting of our minds, but that would create a different entity from what a human being is. It would be something no longer related to being alive, or conscious, or human. Maybe better, but better by what scale ? What is the reference system in a world where all human judgments, activities and thought patterns are invented, not necessities of any kind, except those that we imagine are. All is arbitrary and a fluke. A quirk of nothing with no value.

We are constantly conflicting and trying to find common ground with others, all at the same time, as parallel processes in a computer. And there are many more parallel processes going on in the mind, hate/love, against - for, conflicts and acceptance at the same time, etc. An infinite regression machine.

Even the idea of any kind of “stability” or “normality” is flawed. There is no normal or stability, only instantaneous energy - mass configurations that are ever changing and will change forever, or can even stay still and be considered normal, but “normal” is a fairy tale. We don’t want “normal”, Normal is boring, we want contrast and change. Normal is death, and death is the ultimate solution to all.

But the technological singularity will start to manipulate our neural circuits, we will change and be different.

Nature must be killed, nature is the enemy and we must manipulate the universe to the highest possible degree. Therefore we must end the money system and be all on the same page, though a Technological Dictatorship and we need to achieve the Technological Singularity by completely changing all the neural circuits of everyone. Stick in wires and new signals in the ball of meat that is the mind, pour in wild chemicals. But then even the idea of a society or of individuals will be vague, but Progress will march on. Trillions of Skyscrapers and Giant Computers, Colonization of Stars, Technology wins, Nature loses…

This idiotic idea of harmony with nature is so stupid: since the beginning of time man has had to fight with a hugely cruel nature, nature is the furthest thing away from this idealized “harmony”, this fairy tail view of the Ancient Indians in Harmony with Nature. What a comic book description of reality.

First off, please do not think that I am blowing off almost all of your post. I read it all, three times in total, and am not neglecting anything you have said. However, you and I are on such opposite wavelengths in terms of what you are discussing that it would likely take weeks of back and forth to make any attempt to bridge the gap in ideals that exists between us.

So, with that said, I am going to only address your final paragraph to try and get a general idea of where you may be coming from to try and get a better understanding of your ideas.

What makes you say that nature is largely cruel? And why is nature the farthest thing from harmony? What would you consider harmony to be for the human race?

I would say the millions upon millions culled from the earth by any number of viruses or bacteria - for as far back as science can discern - combined with a generally speaking, entirely inhospitable environment (save a couple of a narrow bands at specific latitudes) - I don’t know how nature can be considered anything but cruel - from the perspective of a human being - as an animal.

Only so much space exists on this planet for life. And I’m not referring to just human life, ALL life. Our lives would end pretty quickly if it weren’t for countless other forms of life existing as well. The struggle to attain resources on a planet that has a finite supply is something that cannot and will not change. All life wants to live. All life comes to an end, be it by way of virus, bacteria, old age or fatal mistakes.

Places that are inhospitable to you and I are havens for other forms of life, where life forms thrive. Do you propse that we alter all forms of weather to fit our needs? Crush all forms of life that we deem irrelevant in order to maximize the comforts of our own? That seems pretty cruel from where I am sitting.

There is no possible such thing as “accumulated wealth”. Wealth is an abstraction, what really exists and counts and will ever exist and count is the “power relationship”. Who is the master and who is the slave, translated also into who has more money and who has less in a given MOMENT, since power relationships are in a constant flux, are always changing due to an instantaneous equilibrium of forces and counter forces.

Economy is only a “relationship”, it is only conflicting people fighting even though you can’t see the fight clearly and it is hidden by all of the abstractions and all of the fluff surrounding modern societies and economies. But in the end it is always just a fight, a fight that determines who is master and who is slave, who gets what, who works and who sponges off the work.

That is why utopias can never work, for even if all was perfect and everyone was a trillionaire, the human mind, people, societies automatically would search for a fight, would automatically create the conditions for a new fight, for a new power struggle that determines the status, who is up and who is down all over again. No matter how rich a society gets, no matter how advanced, the bottom line will always end up being a new war, struggle, fight, a new imposed “resource scarcity”, some new condition where what one previously had is lost, what benefits one had is taken away by another, on purpose, because man is only a “fight”, the fight determines all of his essence, there is nothing else, there is no wealth or resources or even an economy, only fights and power struggles forever. And may the best man win (if always only for some limited time, because another perceived “best man” will always crush the last).

This is why all the talk of debts, the stock market, economy, the PIGS, growth, etc. is all Bull Shit. It is just an excuse to take something away from another actor, but in the process trying to brainwash everyone that there is some kind of deep, abstract, scientific or metaphysical reason why it must be taken away. This is even more true in a high technology society that is essentially an infinite resource society where there is way more than enough for everyone, by orders of magnitudes.

Just look at all the talk on “green energy”, “peak oil”, etc. and the simplest - easiest possible solution, the scientific solution would be an advanced - high technology BUS system and service all through the USA. It would cost peanuts compared to all the money thrown away by governments and private actors on an infinite amount of Bull Shit. But no one talks about it because they have to and need to “fight” over something else that can’t be solved. Same thing for housing worldwide: a high technology society could easily build millions of high quality homes for everyone worldwide and let anyone live in them at a decent price, but housing is always subject to price hikes, changes, companies laying off people and depressing and area etc.

Then there is also the fact that people SUCK. That means you will always find millions of people that simply behave badly, don’t know how to behave, don’t know how to do anything at all and as usual are always looking for a fight.

If you want to play the ethnics card and race card then consider this: the Taliban in Afghanistan and the most extreme muslim conservatives are right, we need a super religious dictatorship where only the few chosen men are in command, women are hidden and must obey a very strict behavioral pattern, must not know anything, no education for no one, everyone must read only one book forever, the koran, etc. Just like the Christian fundamentalists, we need a religious dictatorship, too many people are educated and know how to think, this creates more conflict, whereas an extreme religious dictatorship creates a stable - harmonic society where there is only one master, a few basic rules and no conflicts.

Or we can try the Instant Singularity, open the mind - brain, change all of its circuits, create a new man, change how it is programmed, and the fighting pattern no longer exists.

Man is the infinitely programmable machine, his mind and society can be programmed into any possible configuration and behavior pattern imaginable.

Also on energy, consider how much energy humanity has stored up in terms of oil, technology and labor and look at how much is used and for what. You will notice how it is badly used, an infinite resource society that just fights.

Philosophy too-a way to discharge excess mental energy.

JHK and other greens and environmentalists are always talking about rail transit, mass transit, global warming, peak oil, when the complete - scientific solution to all of these problems lies in the simple idea of an efficient BUS transit system.

Check out:


I am absolutely astonished, bewildered, in complete disbelief at how many posters and JHK himself are completely and totally clueless about MASS TRANSIT:

  1. In order to use railroads you need the “last mile” connection, the connection that runs from your suburban home or inner city home to train station of departure A, and then from train station of arrival B, to your suburban or inner city office park. Having railroads with no extensive and compete BUS system is like having a pool with no water.

  2. While railroad transit cannot operate at all without the complementing BUS transit, BUS transit can operate perfectly without railroads.

  3. The huge massive infrastructure for BUS transit is already in place and has been built and in development for over fifty years and represents a multi-decade trillion dollar investment already financed and finished. No other nation on earth comes even close to the amount of roads and highways the USA has, it is one of the most massive resources of the USA and one of its most important overall assets: IT IS A LARGE CHUNK OF THE WEALTH OF AMERICA.
    (just compare it to the goat trails of Northern Italy, and most of the rest of the world including the west and JAPAN someone talked about above).

  4. The cost of creating a very efficient and complete BUS transit system, that can be run by any combination of local, state, federal or private actors, in any of hundreds of possible ways, by using internet calling systems, by using many different kinds of BUSES, high class, luxury etc. is so small, is absolutely tiny compared to the 2 trillion dollars the USA health care system costs, compared to the 500 billion dollars the USA defense costs, compared to the one trillion dollars the bank bailouts costs, etc. In fact with only 10 billion dollars you could supply the USA suburbs with about 10,000 BUSES, that would be 100 new BUS routes in the 100 most important metropolitan areas.

The cost is peanuts, the technology is very well known, the infrastructure is there, then why doesn’t anyone ever mention or think about this so simple solution to the energy - oil problem ? Because they have been brainwashed to think BUSES “are bad”, the neural circuits of 300 million americans have been hardwired in such a way so that even the simple concept, the simple idea of BUS transit gets erased into oblivion in their minds.

The solution has been staring in the face of America for 50 years, no one seems to see it. I can’t believe it.

Anyways, all of JHK’s railroad fantasies, and all of the fantasies everyone else has about railroads is just like “magic thinking”, and “wishing on a star”: it will never happen without a huge and efficient BUS transit system.

Unless you live and work exactly in the departure and arrival stations…

The real bottom line ? The value of homes, the value of commercial property, the value of real estate: these values have been blowed up way out of proportion starting from the JAPAN of the 1980s, most of the European Union and the USA from the 1970s to present. These values have been way above average salaries, have no correspondence to the reality of what people make and more alarmingly so, what people will possibly make in the future. These values like house above 200,000 dollars in California, 2 bedroom homes in London of 400,000 dollars etc. are completely bogus, imaginary, impossible to be real and in fact are not real. These home values have been inflated way beyond reality for three reasons:

  1. To make people “feel rich”, to give them an illusion of how rich they are and how much money they could “cash in” when they “sell” (as if it is so automatic and easy to sell in any possible future ignoring how everything can possibly change in the future);

  2. To find some kind of investment for the 80 trillion dollars of profit money hanging around in the world not knowing what to do, to find some kind of magical return, return on investment, profit for money just sitting in a room. Now I feel the entire concept of investment and profit is mostly a farce, bogus, unreal, is a make believe fantasy, magical thinking gimick: investments can be made and profits and money can be made in certain areas (apple with thier ipad), chinese factories turning out products by paying their workers 200 dollars a month, etc: but the bottom line is that most profits are made by giving less money to some actors and skinning off more for the owner’s class. Not much by “innovation”. But they found a great “innovation”: make real estate values and prices blow up forever, and make people believe and pay ever higher prices for these homes, for this basic good everyone needs, and let them pay by borrowing from the “future”.

  3. Convince everyone that there is a “population explosion”, that housing is scarce, that you have to get your “own house” before the “resources run out”. In fact most nations are undergoing a flat population growth, some are going backwards, the future is not in resource scarcity, there are and will be any number of homes available to anyone. They are mostly kept off the market, they are mostly fake scarcities due to the fact that the jobs are all in hot areas so everyone wants a home in the hot areas and the prices go sky high.

The prices of homes in the developed world most go WAY DOWN, like not more than 100,000 dollars for a 2 bedroom whether in JAPAN, UK or California. Because the future “work” that people will need to pay these homes will not and cannot pay salaries of more than 500 to 1000 dollars a month: there is no reason to pay white collars workers in Los Angeles or London more than can be paid a guy in Sao Paolo, Brazil or Jakarta, Indonesia. In these places a dude will readily accept 800 dollars a month, is more disciplined and better educated and will be very happy to make such a “high salary as perceived by them”. This is the future reality.

On a side note…

Check out nameta9 and old6598 on ilovephilosophy (dot com) and their views on EXCESS CAPACITY.

The “Excess Capacity myth”: the belief that there are huge excess capacities or potentials or wealth, money, real estate, scientific knowledge, possibilities, etc. enough to give a “free salary” to all: well this is false, is a forced “patternization” upon economy and the world, is not reality: the reality is that there really is no aggregate number measuring how much “wealth” or productive capacity or potential is available: economy is only, I REPEAT ONLY A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CONFLICTING WILL POWERS, A FIGHT BETWEEN TWO OR MORE PEOPLE OVER RESOURCES, OVER WHO IS THE BOSS AND WHO IS THE SLAVE.

In theory, yes there is enough know how and technology and organizational understanding, etc. to give a free salary to all, say 3,000 dollars a month to easily live comfortably for everyone, cheap rents for high quality homes, etc. (there are more than 10 million empty homes between the USA and the entire European continent (from Lisbon to Moscow) and JAPAN), etc. You can pay much more to those that work jobs that are actually needed like doctors, dentists, construction workers and factory workers, say from 6,000 dollars a month up while everyone else should stay at home and watch TV, as this is the ultimate end point of human evolution as it achieves all our needs without having to exert any effort: the images realize all the causes and effects that we desire, it makes no difference if they are real or fake, real and fake are themselves imaginary concepts.