Was Pythagoras a great philosopher or just a cunning man?

Other then the Pythgorean Theorm , which I do think he invented or maybe.

He was the greatest of all philosophers who strongly influenced Plato. Yet Pythgoaras did not wrote anything.

" Those who do not believe in God, do not believe in themselves, Those who believe in God and do not study wisdom are no better then those who does not believe in God. " said Pythagoras

oh dan,
are you a philosopher or just a guy who asks a fuck-lot of questions?

Philosophy Girl would love this guy. They could just sit there firing questions at each other all day…

Can I not be a philosopher and ask a fuck-lot of questions?

i beleve that asking questions is the heart of philosophy. every body philosophizes during their life wether they realize it or not. you don’t have to write stuff down to be a philosopher. if you did, philosophy didnt exist until written langage was invented. so i think he was a philosohpher.

asking a fuck-lot of questions doesn’t stop you from being a philosopher, its just that sometimes I wonder what you get out of asking so many questions.

Answers, I know.


There you have it Gemty. You ask a question and you answered it yourself. Like Lebniz said, we are like monads, only we understand ourselves no one helps us to understand.

The monk said, " I do not understand.
The master said, " Then you should find a person that can help you understand"
The monk said," You mean to tell me that would be you"
The master said, " Your wrong, its yourself"

Hey look, gemty, I just attracted a new member, for asking many questions.
I can ask questions to see what to others think, sometimes asking undefinable questions. Thats all. Simply the pleasure of hearing one’s opinion.

I didn’t mean to offend you… I was just teasing.



Those “philosophers” were moralists aiming to dominate and civilize nature.