W-a-t-e-r. Water. The sine qua non of life. Without the presence of water life as we understand it cannot exist. Every cell of our bodies, every tiny constituent part of each cell relies on water for it’s existence. Water carries the nutrients to, and the wastes from, every living thing. When we think of water, we swim in an ocean, river, or lake. We wash the dirt from our bodies, relaxing in a pool of warm cleansing fluid. Most of all, we think of water as that which relieves our parched throats, drinking from a cool mountain spring, a delicious glass of iced tea in summer, or a hot cup of coffee in the cold of winter, all to take in water.

There are many other was to describe water, but after all the words, tell me, do the words slake your thirst?

I don’t think there’s anything quite as pure as water, so no. Water in and of itself is substantial and satisfies us all. The rest seems tainted to a degree, not as sufficient.

Hydrogen two, one oxygen, and the floodgates are open. A diamond hugs at my insides conforming to my hidden shapes with cleansing accuracy. Concealing nothing. Revealing nothing. A snapshot of god in a glass. Quenching all but my curiosity. Vexing, unnamable love.

Fuck water… it’s ‘pure’ to us because we’re mostly comprised of it.

This is an earth/human-centric theory.

I know a couple aliens who love nitrogen… but burn when exposed to water.

I was going to honor nitrogen next.

fuckin right!