Audience expectations
Limit my art
Audience expectations
Alter my course
Audience expectations
Embody my aim
And no one is with me
When I look away
And no one is with me
When I make my own mind
And no one will wait
When I take my own time

So it mustn’t mean much
That you hear what I say
Because there isn’t much proof left
That I am this way


Clever. :slight_smile:

Human interactions? Realisation of self?

Just pointing out that you can get so wrapped up in meeting other peoples expectations, and it can, as was the case with me, become habitual. Then I met someone that wanted me to be more “real” or “true to myself” and I realized I can’t even summon up what that means to me anymore. I was close to insulted by the timing of the request.


Love it.


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