We Have Emerged from Hell - Gitmo

I say this is a good thing. I mean who’s going to be deterred from attacking the US if your life in jail is better than your free life in Ulahulahland? Awesome that we have our own Devil’s Island

That’s not a good thing. Those guys were held without trial. What kind of bullshit is that? The U.S. does that all the damned time. If the detention center is hard on people proved guilty that is one thing, but to be rediculously harsh on people that are potentially innocent is just a violation of freedoms.

yet they are not US citizens and as such are not guaranteed the same amount of rights. Also the US doesn’t give a helluva lot of credit to the Universalisty of HUman rights…

They should be guaranteed those rights, or they should be let go. Once they are part of the U.S. justice system (which happens to be one of the worst on the planet) they should be guaranteed the same rights as U.S. citizens. Remember in the copnstitution “all men are created equal”. That’s the constitution we are talking about, and it doesn’t say all men who are U.S. citizens are created equal.

actually alien, “all men are created equal” is in the Declaration, which originates from very different political principles than the Constitution

True… It was still the principles that this nation was founded upon though. Actually though, this nation was built on double standards… All men are created equal. Black men are slaves… etc.

and that is the problem of the entire enlightenment project, universal values from nowhere slap up against entrenched local traditions based on religion and economics