We should make suicide legal

I mentioned this in my OP but I want to expand upon what i wrote there because this topic is extremely important to me…

It’s been a dream of mine since I was a teenager and discovered the concept and coined the term, “suicidal tension”, that the world be covered with suicide clinics.

People offer heartless arguments as to why people shouldn’t be allowed to leave here at will. The first argument for is the issue of non-consent of birth, this issue is solved if you have a society with suicide clinics.

People like to say that suicide is selfish, some even go so far as to say it’s the most selfish thing a person can do. Actually, the most selfish thing a person can do is to force someone to stay in a situation against their will, and this can be done with suicidal tension. This is the ease with which one can commit suicide to specifications, there is internal and external suicidal tension.

It’s also a way to handle depopulation consensually… NEVER try to coerce someone into suicide. And certainly don’t depopulate.

Some say that it is the attempt to be controlling… well if that’s true than I’m guilty as charged… I’m a very controlling person, I hate when people get tortured, raped and murdered.

One of the psychological issues people have with suicide is narcissism, they can’t stand the thought that someone would actually want to leave them, and the global push against not having this level of compassion for the kinds of suffering that many people cannot understand is a global narcissism about people leaving the earth that they contribute towards in some way, to the point of psychopathological sadism.

Some people think that people are property of the state and that the GDP is all that matters, so we should use suicidal tension and outlaw it so some rich ass fucks can live the dream, and I don’t think everyone who is rich is a rich ass fuck.

But really my point here is that suicide solves a lot of problems… it can have a domino effect if someone doesn’t want to live when someone else leaves because now they suddenly understand pain, or they may just celebrate that someone who was in pain who they love is now gone.

I suppose I’m getting back to my roots here. I once had a discussion with a fellow named Phil about this and he pointed out that if suicide were legalized broadly that more people would stay because it would mean that we were a nicer society… it’s an interesting thought, but life throws things at us that doesn’t have to do with that aspect of kindness and I disagree with him.

People still argue against abortion, and I think they are also very self-centered, the main issue with abortion is that everyone on this earth is a representative of every consent for birth… and if sampled, there are probably at least 1 billion people who would sacrifice themselves as a fetus to give their mothers the right to choose what to do with her body with regards to reproductive decisions and paternity.

Those are some issues.

The problem is that the world is filled to the brim with assholes, mainly because of female sexual distribution…

It’s sad trying to raise the level of consciousness of this species…

I think back to all the women I told that the leading cause of conspicuous consumption aggression and suicide is sexual stratification, and how they didn’t have sex with me (when actually it was quite mandatory, not that I told them that secret), I profiled about every possible psychology… so it doesn’t bode well for people making suicide legal, but I thought I’d try.

To tack on the issue of suicide further (the reason I keep tying it to female sexuality is that it is causal, even for women suicides that are non-medical) is that people say it is the cowards way out. To this argument, I point to someone having the courage to walk out of an abusive relationship and finding healthier people… in a very similar way, someone could see this entire species as dysfunctional and choose to walk out of the relationship, and this can actually take a lot of courage.

These are issues of consent, and the more we nurture these issues the more mindful people become about making this place a consensual situation for themselves and the broader population.

I agree with you - there should be clinics that allow for people to commit suicide, if they really want to. Forcing someone, say, who is completely paralyzed to stay alive, due to some skewed form of ethics, is more immoral than suicide, on so many different levels.

A topic worthy of discussion.

For terminal ill, yes.

For very depressed, no. They might get over it.

Suicide booth like in Futurama. I always thought people should be able to do what they want with their lives. They may not get a choice coming in, but why not give them a choice to go out whenever they want on their own terms. It’s their life and it isn’t selfish imo. If a person is suffering so much and they just want it to end then how is that them being selfish, isn’t that the family/friends being selfish by wanting him/her to stay without acknowledging the suffering? Yet people will put a car accident victim that has got turned into a vegetable down. Kind of makes no sense. If someone is suffering, why not. If someone can’t live their life the way they want or live at all, why not.

If you’re going to kill yourself, why would you care if suicide is legal or not? I realize there’s a chance you might fail at suicide and have to suffer the legal consequences, but still… if you can’t even get suicide done right… I don’t know :neutral_face:

I agree with all of that. It’s incredible how some people try to make it out like the one committing the suicide is selfish.

Well… there are many factors. As I said, when I was in my teen years, I had an epiphany… I knew if I had a shotgun, that I’d commit suicide, but not with the methods I had available to me at the time. I actually asked someone in town to find a gun for me and was arrested for it. But my epiphany was that you could keep people alive against their will by altering the conditions of suicide, and I called this the suicidal tension of the environment. There is both internal and external suicidal tension… internal is what method you’d use. Are you really such an asshole that you’d make a big mess? etc… My plan was to dig a very deep hole with a ramp and use the shotgun there, then they could just drag my body off, allow closure for my family and bury the hole with no mess. The problem is people are actually generally pretty nice people even though they want to commit suicide, they don’t want to be assholes about it. External is your access to the method you’d use. You can modify someones internal suicidal tension by aggravating the torture in their environment.

This is why suicide clinics are important… and in a clinic like this, they could just OD you on some drug that passes you out, like when you get your wisdom teeth pulled and are “put under” for the surgery. Totally ethical way to go, no pain whatsoever, certainty is assured, no chance of lifelong disability from failure.

Make sure that when slitting your wrists it is done right in a up and down motion instead of being across.

That has very high suicidal tension, and is actually used mostly by women to be rescued. I’m well aware of suicidology, I practically wrote the book on it.