Welcome To The Human Farm

After the agricultural revolution when it concerns human history, is it surprising that shortly after the birth of human slavery came to be?

Ever since then human civilization has had a definite feature of it’s existence that is constantly reoccurring which is human beings farming other human beings.

When we think of the human social hierarchy between masters and slaves, what do we really think of?

I think of farmers and those who are reduced to cattle within labor of whom are being farmed.

Civilization or society becomes a relationship of farmer and the farmed.

The master is really the farmer enslaving those who becomes their domesticated laboring cattle or oxen.

It is interesting to observe the social niche of the machine. We created the machine to obviate human labor–indeed to improve its efficiency, stamina, etc. Alas, the machine was deaf, dumb and blind. Thus we invented the computer, mimicking (to an extent) our own cognitive functions–to make the machine think. Is the computer/machine/AI not man’s panacea for the ethical aporia of slave labor? Or do we essentially become some pseudo God who has born a slave to solve an impasse…only to find ourselves on a precarious moral precipice?

Very well put.

Although the moral precipice we stand on is perhaps quite different. The real tragedy may come when we lose what makes us human. Surely, these simple maladies could be cured should we only progress far enough and I do not see an ethical issue in using technology to accomplish these means…but what stops us from changing ourselves so much, that we become…abominations?

Interesting questions. :slight_smile:

I would say there is no moral precipice because such beliefs are largely unsubstantiated.

I do agree however that there is a real risk of losing whatever semblance of humanity that yet still retain.

Ask any trans humanist for they are the ones that envision future human cyborg living for us all.

James… can I call you Jimmie? Jimmie, there is something I need to show you. It’s about the oldest civilization in the west, in Caral, Peru… it was founded peacefully, without a military caste, without coercive force as far as we can tell, via peaceful trade and harmony with it’s neighbors under ritualistic economy… where they built a great city- the first city- and got high together trading their communal wealth with one another:


I think this documentary will turn your cynical outlook. It’s well worth it. Also know it can never happen again.


so the way i am interpreting this thread is

with the invention of new technologies comes the idea of people who exploit others using the new technology as the means

i think this has to do with the fact that people grow to rely on the technology

agricultural revolution(s) allowed for larger-scale production of goods (crops) that people actually need - I think the technology itself is good

one important thing to consider is that what it means to ‘farm’ will changes over time with the technology

here’s the way i see things

in the US, there is not (as widespread) slavery (in the 1860’s sense)… but there are many who do the manual labor… and the compensation is perhaps not as just as it should be, i think one could argue that these people are being farmed

perhaps we will come to a point where we are plugged into machines (as the photo suggests to me), but we must reconsider what it means to be farmed at that point in time… perhaps the machines actually a good thing… let’s say they allow us to communicate with each other by direct distributed transfer of information between brains at a rapid speed, allowing us all to have IQ’s of 9129487192487. Perhaps at this point in time, ‘work’ is defined as choosing to utilize your brain in this machine to solve some problems that benefit society… perhaps the man who invented this machine, doesn’t have to spend his time utilizing his brain to solve machine problems… perhaps he gets to download it all for free, while other persons get to learn the information of the world at the expense of harvesting the brain for its processing power… perhaps some people will not have to have their brain’s processing power harvested by the machine for as long, yet they reap more benefits of information

let’s say this machine allows for world peace, no hunger, solves population problems while still allowing anyone/everyone to mate freely… let’s say humans actually ‘elect’ to use this machine, because to do otherwise would leave you so far behind… the technology is still perhaps a ‘good’ thing

yeah, you’ll be exploited. you’ll be farmed… and today… you have been exploited, farmed… a slave of sorts

with time, people do seem to become more equal in my mind… the differences between us become smaller and smaller, so we redefine exploitation to fit today’s standards

i will dare to say that the technology itself is good, and the fact that it will be used to exploit people is inherent to the human condition

The reality is that we are no longer longer human beings. All we are now is an idea. Any idea. The simulation is now reality and it plays by it’s own morals.

Yet they got destroyed, didn’t they?

I doubt they were utopic the way you make them out to be.

Egalitarianism has never existed on this planet. It’s a fantastic idea that never amounts to anything in reality.

Yes. Today’s social reality is where the technological and academical specialists enslave all the non-specialists. This is the modern social reality.

People are made to become reliant on technology. That’s all apart of the game to control people within the modern ponzi technological construct.

Technology is inherently nothing. It’s all about how it is used.

In what way? If anything civilization has demonstrated that it cannot exist without some level of having individuals enslaved to it.


Today’s manual laborer is the modern equivalent of human cattle.

I have no desire to live in your human cyborg dystopia.

Human beings become one with the machine? Fuck that.

You watch too much scfi.

May the simulacrum catch fire.