Welfare Of The Middle Class.

As a lower working class man on food stamps I get to hear everyday on the grape vine about how low income people like myself are a burden on the system nevermind that people like myself are out into our largely forced positions because 100,000 jobs much of which are labor is being outsourced overseas yearly. A inconvenient truth.

Well, I would like to talk about the welfare of the middle class that is the biggest welfare burden on the system than any working class person could be forced onto foodstamps. Maybe you’ve heard about the welfare of the middle class before, it’s called 401k, IRA’s, and pensions. The middle class needs to look at itself before it judges the lower working class.

The inconvenient truth is that the middle class is the biggest beneficiary of the largest welfare scheme created in all of history.

As always the top one percent laughs in the faces of everybody else with their too big to fail mantra where everybody has to bail them out.

I think if the corporations and the businesses shut down and the govt did too, that I would have a great time buying eggs and milk and shit like that from farmers. Imagine if it just became a necessity that someone nearby started breeding cows and shit and you could always get a fresh local steak.

Farming is “owned” by corporations with exceedingly clever ways to ensure they hold onto what they own. Even if they all died out, it would be a very long time before “farmers” could actually produce much. The current estimate in the “Meddle” East and most of Europe is in the thousands of years.

Actually with cooperative effort a neighborhood or apartment building can produce their own food, enough to feed all all year round. Meat, vegetables, grain. We just find cash and stores necessary for food when they are not as necessary as we think. It would take cooperation and work.

Perhaps you could study and explain why it is that people are SO prone to just presume that they will always have the exact same potential tomorrow as they have today?

The world is getting smaller than they realize.

There is no guarantee in life, with ingenuity, study and will, people can do more than they think they can. And if someone chooses to bemoan and do nothing then why should others care? The ill and weak will hurt, that is the hardest worst part, but, with cooperation within their community they can be helped.

In case anybody here realizes it or not I am criticizing the middle class.

I realize it.

Acceptance or denial?

You asked if we realized that you were criticizing middle-class.
I said I realize it.

Care to define a opinion on what I am talking about here? Can anybody address what I have said here?

Show me a good innocent class of humans other than toddlers and babies.


That’s not the subject here Kriswest.

The subject here is the hypocrisy and contradictions of the middle class more specifically the American middle class.


Hypocrisy and contradiction permeates all classes. Middle class USA, is no better or worse then any other in that.
I can’t argue your points because every class does similar as they can. I can only say you are wrong if you attack them as the worst. There is no worst its all just about equal in issues.