Well.. it was only a matter of time.

dc.indymedia.org/usermedia/audio … 5sep06.mp3

I mean it’s pretty obvious the Twin Towers were brought down with explosives. No one who isn’t so blinded by their own biases can argue this. Unfortunately for the Bush admin that number of people shedding their biases is now fairly large.

So begins another ‘spin’.

Wake up people… they’re scrambling, they realize this lid is about to come off if they continue with what they’ve been telling us to believe. So they’re changing strategies.

Another attack -is- coming, and if you think the terrorists will be behind it… well like I said, wake up.

Jon Stewart -joked- about America being a democracy the other day. Shit is picking up – I hope everyone is ready.

Can you explain how that speech helps your theory out in any way?

There were no bombs in the WTC. Explosions don’t prove anything because all kinds of things could have caused explosions inside the WTC. Demolition type of explosives would have been distinct, brighter, on every floor, and would have been PRIOR to the collapse.


k, whatever.

Wait a couple weeks.

It may not seem like it cause this site is somewhat cut off from certain avenues of news but the media is getting to the point of ridiculousness at what they’re reporting on, and purposefully leaving out. People arn’t dumb… everyone’s noticing the trends.

It’s never been the role of the media to report the truths though, it’s been to divert our attention from such. That’s what the new spin is. They have to report -something-, preferably scary. They can’t just keep saying ‘no these conspiracy theorists are wrong’ because under this:

We’re so obviously not wrong.

Like I said… just wait a little while.

lol… ah man, I’m not usually of an attitude like this but I really wish I could be there in person when you, Imp, and Aspacia fully realize. lol… it would be priceless.

Are you saying that the U.S. is not a Democracy?!

People are waking up.

But that’s not the surprising part.
What’s more surprising is that people actually believed that it was.

So you can’t explain how it helps your theory?

And I thought you guys were all about looking beyond the obvious…

I rather like to imagine that you will never know the truth.
You will waste your life away believing a lie.



Obviously you are… well, pretty much the smartest person I know. Thanks for your extensive input.

Uuuuuh….thanks…for the sarcasm.

I’m still waiting for someone to realize that Bush isn’t the one running the country.

Who is running the country?
Is it the UFO’s?


Sorry I wrote that before you added the other part. I thought you were being sarcastic, hence my tone.

and yes… I’m also waiting for that.

I’m waiting for someone to realize that “America” isn’t even a country, but a colony. I’m waiting for the public to realize the true nature of politics.

No….I think human beings are kind, benevolent and nice creatures.
I believe the system has enough self-regulating mechanisms to prevent human intervention and that human beings rarely try to circumvent rules and regulations thusly corrupting perfection with their ‘evil’ ways.
I believe the system works just as it is written in the ‘holy’ books and how it is supposed to work.

I don’t believe humans try to corrupt or find loopholes for themselves so as to gain an advantage.

I don’t think most people are stupid nor weak willed, so as to be gullible enough to fall for notions concerning God and ghosts and spirits and life beyond death, nor do I beleive that these same people are more likely to believe that they have real power and it isn’s just a method of keeping them under control.
I don’t think people are easily manipulated and fooled using their instinct and emotions. Marketing doesn’t work.

I believe in coincidence.
I do not think men in power conspire to maintain and enlarge their control of it.

No, I am not naïve.

And yes, thirst4metal you are the one “running the country” with your vote.

Cause I happen to think human beings are human beings.
Capable of all kinds of good and all manner of evil.

What’s wrong with the strong taking advantage of the weak?
It happens in nature all of the time.


Nothing is wrong with it.
Nothing is right about it.

What is pathetic, though, is when the weak begin associating themselves with the strong so as to justify not-resisting them.

Weakness isn’t an insult – since we are all weak more or less- until it stops trying to become strong and surrenders to what overpowers it; becoming its best friend and most loyal ally.

Democracy worked in societies where there were, what, 50 – 100 thousand voters?
In a system of millions it becomes a game of who can manipulate and guide the ignorant, naïve and stupid, using emotion and psychology - which the weak already believe they have surpassed with their ‘reason’ - the best.

That’s when stupidity and naiveté become virtues and thinking becomes an insult.

Even a weak rat enjoys superiority over mice…
There are levels of weak and levels of strong.

Will you tell us which level you think everyone is at?
Please, pretty please?


What are my options? :sunglasses:
I am not comfortable with your measuring standards.

But generally speaking and keeping in mind what percentages in the U.S believe in God, ghosts, UFO abductions and keeping in mind the level of political discourse and participation and options there, I would say Americans have the least to talk about concerning liberty and Democracy.
Now how they’ve become the defining nation of what it means to be free and Democratic is a historical matter with many hypocrisies and conspiracies.

Americans think liberty is having multiple soft-drink choices or being able to choose your doctor – if you have insurance at all – or owning a gun or a big-ass jeep.
Americans have been tricked into believing liberty is the same as happiness or consuming.

Funny that they associate their consuming power with choices and yet tolerate a system with limited political choices.

What is the difference between a one party system and a two party system where the differences are negligible?


As for the rest of your post:

Freedom, democracy, communism, slavery, tomato…
The only thing that matters is the power to define these things.
Until a power greater than the U.S. comes along these things will continue to be defined as they have defined them.

Do you have the power to change the definitions?
Do you even want to? Aren’t you indifferent?


Gobbo, I sincerely don’t get it…
He mentions explosives and bombs but never specifically said WTC.
Is there an extra piece that I am missing?

Do you have a link to the rest of it? Do you have a link to the text?


There is some peripheral information that I know, but no real link I could give other than the audio sample as I got it off of another board.

Like I said… it’s the start of this new disinformation spin. Just watch the news… you’ll see it develop.

Would you mind disclosing the peripheral information?



The way the operate is they test things out, see what works. There is a global overarching plan that I won’t go into, but when it comes to a nation’s politics and controlling of the masses they’re quite smart. The release of the pentagon tape, this new spin about the explosives – they’re back stage watching threads just like this one, trying to see what works and what’s believable, etc.

So I mean… they start off with something like what Bush said in the audio sample and take it from there. They are always adapting.

If this were some other issue we might not hear from them again but because it’s 9/11, and because the explosive denial theory is getting them nothing but trouble I reckon this isn’t testing. I could be wrong though… if the reaction isn’t favorable they may abandon that plan.

I’m ‘right’ in the general sense, but I’m also wrong about many finer details because of this strategy that they employ. Sometimes I think they’re gonna do something and then they opt for another approach.

Like I said in another thread, I actually admire the American media. It’s a beautiful thing to watch… incredibly smart in many ways.


I want to hear about this overarching plan. I’m going to suspend disbelief for the moment. Let’s pretend I believe everything you’ve ever said.

I’ve removed the rationally thinking cap

I am now taking it for granted that aliens are in league with the Illuminati, the mutlinational financial institutions, the historically powerful families, leaders of government. etc., etc. Without reserve, everything you’ve told us is true.

What is their plan?

What can we (you, I and others not in on the plan) do about it?