We're all screwed

it helps to remember that.

my mind is essentially empty right now. I have a natural talent for expressing myself, a way with words, and I always thought becoming an artist would be the best vehicle for that expression. But the thing is, I have nothing, absolutely nothing to say.

Is this tragic? For me? For anyone who may have read my work?
Probably not. I cant imagine that being my ultimate purpose anyway.

Anyway . . . I almost hit the road today . . . gonna live on the streets . . .thinking irrationally . . . wanting enlightenment . . . or some clarity . . . some satisfaction . . . or just my version of freedom . . . and I dont know what stopped me . . . maybe fear. I dont know.

Can anyone add to this, or expand upon it, without telling me I suck. I already know that, thanks.

Hey… New York band The Strokes wrote an entire song about having nothing to say.

Just take a piece of paper and start writing about the first thing that comes into your head. Your hand and mind will begin to flow in unison, and you’ll actually generate something.

So just sit down and write something ANYTHING, even if it’s not fit to be food for your dog’s thought.

“I have nothing to say, I’m in utter dismay,” I know the song and love the strokes.

I’m going take your advice and just let it out .I dont have a choice at the moment. Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe that’s all I needed. Someone to say, “Who cares, Go for it!”

Take a break. Increase energy density.

Getting away from your life-style wont get you any farther from yourself. You can’t get away from yourself, so don’t worry about running.

You’ve got pleanty of time to figure out what can relieve you from your problems. There’s pleanty of solutions. Now it’s all about searching for the changes which work best for you.

Y’all should admit that letting out your stresses and your worries is better then an orgasm [sometimes], all things considered. Yeah, expression is great; honesty makes it pure.

I’ll buy that

Like, just sitting down and writing whatever is a technique a professor at Northwestern taught me, it really helped the quality of my work and my ability.