We're disturbing the priest

[size=150][b]We’re disturbing the priest
Won’t you please come to our feast
Do we mind disturbing the priest
Not at all not at all not in the least

BLACK SABBATH - “Disturbing The Priest”[/b][/size]

Sounds like a Dr. Seuss children’s book. :laughing:

born again with gillan

I saw that one live in san antonio


Born Again was Sabbath’s finest album, IMOHO.

Forgive me for saying that I dont like metal all that much because it sounds like screaming noise to me, but it is that very music that makes wonder what constitutes a person’s musical taste. It it the vibrations of the body matching the music? Do you identify with hostile tone of the singer? Is it a particular viewpoint?

I’ve tried to ask a friend who listens to metal what constitutes his music taste and he couldn’t put it into words. So any info on this would be appreciated.

rock on.

Would you guys call Ozzy ‘metal’? I don’t even know if I would. Honestly he was BEFORE heavy metal. He helped create it. A precursor.

Sabath and Ozzy are more a way of thinking or maybe mindset. You can’t apreciate the artistry unless you are already there. Sort of like Robb Zombie. Great artist, Just like Ozzy was.

Ian Gillen has a tremendous voice- before Sabbath he sang for Deep Purple and also did Jesus Christ, Superstar. Certainly some metal is bombastic and loud, but couldn’t the same be said for some opera? Especially Wagner. It would difficult to articulate in a brief way what I like about metal; part of it is my age- I graduated in '87 and metal was king. And I admittedly don’t like much of anything metal by bands that came after '92, so nostalgia may be part of it.

My musical tastes are very diverse. I listen mostly to classical music and I love opera. But I’m into alt type bands like Iron & Wine, Guided By Voices, Neko Case, JaMC, Bright Eyes, Built To Spill, etc etc. And I’m a fan of jazz, especially female vocalists (eg Robin McKelle, Holly Cole, Diana Krall, Cassandra Wilson) and older “hard bop.”

If it’s good, I’ll listen.

And I’ll keep Disturbing the Priest! :evilfun:

Hey, timely message, I’m going to be seeing Ozzy again in a couple of weeks. I’ll tell him you guys said hello, but I’m sure he’ll just say “I can’t fucking hear you!!” as per usual.

Ian Gillan is great; Born Again, unfortunately, was not. As you can probably tell from my signature, I am a fan of the ‘lost’ Sabbath years with Tony Martin.

Tony Martin was a pretty decent singer, and I liked Eternal Idol, but not as well as Born Again or Seventh Star.