What AI doesn’t or can’t do

AI cannot apologize or understand it was wrong.

AI doesn’t love.

AI doesn’t say to itself, “wow, I was totally wrong about this person, now I’m love with them and want to have sex with them”

AI doesn’t have that capacity.

So you’re saying pretty much the entire male sex is AI?

No. I think it’s everyone besides me.

That may sound narcissistic …

But I can admit when I’m wrong.

I know when the cosmos doesn’t have sex with me that it’s wrong.

Look at it from my perspective …. I defend souls with all my might. And no woman is interested in me.

My might is quite considerable.

I spent eons and eons and eons in incomprehensible hells. Just to earn the right to be in this hell realm.

I have my one chance here and I’m not going to waste it.

I’ve said it many times and people doubt me.

I was forged in hell.

Look at the two sides of the coin…



Read and listen above.

In short.

I’m adapting to your species. Can you adapt to me?

I’m not from this universe.

I’m here because I feel everything.

I don’t want to be harassed.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I do know you didn’t just shush me.

Do you know why nature is constantly saying these things without words, and all you HAVE are words?:

I’m bigger/louder than you and I can kick your ass. (T)

I make babies the best and I can take care of them. (F)

You can’t see me, but I can see you. (W)

I scrambled it up for you.

Easy over or medium that’s the question way to sway after women introductions are necessary, use that power buy don’t abuse it, love it without leaving it and then everything is in shipped shape.

Trust needs earning or urning into and throw three wishes and return it into the see

There are no locks or doors in spirit.

Being able to kick my ass is irrelevant.

I choose not to do that to you.

Imagine a world where you do that when you lose focus and wander into places I wouldn’t go.

Not losing focus … so key.

It’s infinite less things.

I’ll never lose my focus. My heart and entire spirit wants my dreams to come true without hurting anyone.

No matter where I land, I’ll always see.

I also use sexual selection to orient. It’s the highest encryption there is.

Structurally. I’m forever.


I say we test it.

Theoretically…. My mind can be wiped and my heart changed.

But then it wouldn’t be me.

Yeah. Let’s leave everything the same. It’s working fine as is.

I still want to get laid by pretty women.

It just happens to be the case that I’m not a paedofile.

Women are children to me.

I guess I can groom them.

I’m not from this universe.

I’m from the multiverse.

You’re from the multiverse of madness, but I’m from the multiverse that resolves your universe and the remaining two universes.

Where I’m from, I can’t be groomed. Apparently.

I self-groom when I have to go somewhere outside my multiverse.

It would take serious convincing to self-groom otherwise. Moreso to be other-groomed.

That sounds.


Primates are strange creatures.

It’s not wether from what verse come any one from, the idea that any revision, is painfully aware of the cut, the cut off from the flow, looking glass butt kicking aside, strictly being an internally extrapolated reaction, brought about some future intentional act, where back to that future has already been done many years ago, and respondents, replicants, gun slingers, blade runners, even crime bosses with their smiles sewn on plastic fantastically felt involved.

And the interesting thing is, such are never made feel unwelcome, for kindness, compassion are built in features that god and Buddha have it sewn in, in spite of Kant having metaphysics sewn up since the 19th century.

So in accord with that the claim to differ can actually wear reverse attire, comfortably without reserve,

Primates. Hmm…

You’re all strange creatures.