What are people's professions here?

What are people’s professions here at ILP? Just curious.

Currently I work a junk part time job at nights where during the day I invest and play the stock market.

I mostly invest in other people’s debts where a couple years later I collect double the amount of money of what I originally invested by interest rates. :laughing: :smiley:

My goal is to live solely off of my investments when I turn 30 where I come to make money by doing absolutely nothing at all making $50,000.00 or more every year. ( Or another way of saying it is that my goal in the future is to become a professional do nothing.)

I imagine a future where I wake up do whatever I want and spend alot of money without having to work at all.

In other words my goal is to make the most amount of money without ever having to do anything to get it.

Will I reveal my investment secrets online? Nope. Secrets of the trade. I’m selfish like that.

Nice political statement. Have you read a book called “conspicuous consumption”? If not you’d love it. My favorite chapter is on the “conspicuous uselessness of education”.

Sounds like a interesting book. I’ll have to check that out.