What are you doing? (Part 1)

What liberals believe doesn’t exist, so there really is no sharing their imaginary bubbles. But their ridiculousness does drone on endlessly without any evidence found in physical reality, it’s all in their heads.

Blankets are so snuggly and warm and all - encompassing, aren’t they?

My boss smashed her finger yesterday so I’m covering today so she can go back to the doctor and get a “floating fracture” dealt with. That’s what I’m doing. Thrilling, no?

Just substitute right wingers for liberals and you are looking in the mirror. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I speak about how reality is and not some idealism it isn’t. That’s why I cannot get straight answers, facts, figures, evidence, from you or anyone like you because you do not have it, it is all too complex, reality is too complex to really exist. You wear me out. :orcs-buttshake:

Please don’t fall back on this “I am the only one who sees reality” argument, it’s tired. I told you about my own reality in the other thread (and you didn’t respond), clearly my reality is different from yours. There is no simple answer to the problems you and tent have been arguing over, because people have different needs, live in different places, and experience different things. I think it would be lovely if the problems of the world, economic and otherwise, could be solved with neat little bow-wrapped packages, but this is not…reality.

If you’re going to refuse to acknowledge the complexities of living as it concerns all of humanity, how do you expect to have an honest conversation about how to fix anything?

I am preparing for my holidays.


Aw, I will miss you too. :laughing: Have fun!

When you, Blurry, cannot disclose evidence for your case, then its hard to discuss it. How can particulars be discussed when they are lacking?

My evidence is my word. Were I to give you specific figures, it would be no more or less convincing than what I already said, as I could just be making numbers up. I’m speaking specifically of my own situation as an example that your claims are impractical and offer no real solution, not as a basis for creating a solution.

So I took you at your word, what’s to discuss? Specifics allow for a dialogue that is not there when they are absent.

Pardon the interruption. As I was saying, I use my situation as an example to show that your solutions are not viable. Not to create a basis for other solutions.

In other words, I’m not making a case. You are. I’m agreeing with those who have said you’re incorrect, and offering an example of a situation in which your claims are clearly not a solution to anything.

If you offer no specifics, then its just your undiscussed opinion about some generality you agree with. You may not think that they are a solution, but many people who earn less than you would.

Bring specific examples that we can discuss, a friend perhaps, whose business you can share. Nothing can be solved when one person asks for another persons specific reasoning and they refuse to accommodate the discussion.

The opinion has been discussed, with you, in various ways. I’m not the only one who holds the opinion. You’ve been discussing it for pages and pages. I offered an “I agree with those people because…” and then explained why.

You offered no specifics and did not explain why those specifics lead you to feel comfortable. You offered vague ideas to support your opinion, no evidence face it.

The whole point of what I said was just to highlight that merely raising wages doesn’t truly fix anything. You said you think it’s necessary for a person to make over $20/hr to stay out of poverty. I said I make considerably less than that and am quite comfortable. If what you said was true, my situation would not be what it is, I would not be comfortable, and I’d be looking for a better job loll.

Also I thought it was fairly well explained. I pay for all of my necessities, and I did state what those necessities are, and have some left over for a few creature comforts, as well as having money put away for my retirement. Is that not specific enough or what?

I’ll repeat for you who has given no straight answers, facts, figures, evidence and no discussion follows no evidence.

You could be paid one dollar and be totally comfortable living with your parents who provide everything for you, so show me the money instead of complaining about my agenda without offering a real counter.

Oh I see, so you just didn’t want to read the parts where I listed all of the things I pay for, all of the things I consider necessities. Alright.

So you get paid $10 a month, $2 for rent & utilities, $2 for kitty, $2 for gas, and $4 for creature comforts. This is what I have surmised from lacking info. Am I close? Was food on your list or did I forget that? Maybe you earn $15 which would leave $5 for food, but no savings or emergency money. You didn’t list healthcare prices, why?