What are you doing? (Part 1)

Reminiscing in my music thread. :sunglasses:

Window shopping for an artificial pre-lit Christmas tree. I’ve also got my eyes on some musical chaser lights that plays up to 25 carols. I love the lights choreographed with the holiday sounds. :occasion-santa:

What are you cooking for Thanksgiving?

We’re having a huge (typical) buffet spread for 30+ people with my contributions being…
My Great Aunts Noodle Strudel dessert
Green beans sauteed in bacon and onion

I am working in my High-Tech Autoclave Germfree Mobile Laboratory with scientific support staff - again.

By the way:

Will we get Gifts for Christmas this year again? :slight_smile:
Or have we been too naughty, too bad, too wicked? :frowning:

Oh, the cuckoo of one of my cuckoo clocks just “told” me that we still have to wait. :frowning:


That is hard work!

Best if you bewitch Joker and be his Caribbean Queen. Much more fun.


So still just fantasizing, huh.

Just wait. Tomorrow I will park my High-Tech Autoclave Germfree Mobile Laboratory right at your doorstep.

Just give me you address by private message and I will be at your doorstep tomorrow morning.

Maybe we will have breakfast then together.

Do you like germfree food?

I am waiting.

[tab]I am also waiting for the gifts. :slight_smile:


Neither of us have any interest in the Caribbean, but well, Australia on the other hand is well worth investigating. O:)

Boiling golden raisins.

Happy Thanksgiving ILPers! :smiley:

You mean, Happy Thankstaking day?



The turkey was ever so moist. Scrumptious! :mrgreen:

Will be attending another, more intimate Thanksgiving (…giving Pandabear, giving!) shortly. Looking ahead, I believe that there are to be three X-mas gatherings next month. In my family, you gain double the average ten seasonal pounds since our motto is eat until you hate yourself. :laughing:

There are lots of things we should be grateful for among which is the fact that humans are the only mammal that develop breasts which remain permanently enlarged? [-o< O:)

Good Mo(u)rning.

So, in 1970 you got mourning as the second reason for celebrating a national day of remembrance on the same calendar day. In other words: Since 1970 you have been celebrating Thanksgiving and Thankstaking on the same calendar day. :-k

Xmas 2017a.jpg
Cotton supervised Joker’s and my work on our tree…it passed. :occasion-snowman:

Nice. :slight_smile:

Do you have already snow over there ( in Iowa [?] ) ?

Many greetings to you and Joker - and the dog.

I hope that we will have snow on the 24th of December.

Thanks, Arminius with much seasonal cheer right back at you. Christmas snow is an easy one for Santa, well his friend, Jack Frost, covers those requests. Are you sure that is your wish?

My wish is to have a white Christmas - not more.