What are you doing? (Part 1)

Tired, v sleepy, so me and cat sleeping on da sofa.

Might not wake till dawn… yawn.

thinking about gambling

wondering if gamestop is going to spike like crazy again tomorrow

Ah friend,

Still must endure the ignorance of man.

Hope you’re well and taking care of yourself.

Hopefully you’re not putting anything that matters on the line, unless it’s justified.

But money? go crazy, fuck that shit.

Beautiful. :slight_smile:

Mags, why are you no longer a moderator? For me you were the best moderator - next to Only Humean, Uccisore, Dan~.

That’s why I can’t understand why you are not a moderator anymore.

Thank you.

only the moneez

Thanks… I am :smiley:

How’ve ya been?

Happy reading Kat… ilovephilosophy.com/viewtop … &start=100

I wouldn’t say that ILP moderation was always “great”, but you were almost always present, and that’s half the battle of being a good moderator. You also got along well with most ILP members and took an active part in posting on ILP.

Thank you.

i just read a menu for a restaurant and that shit said cauliflower steak and it instantly pissed me off

Wait until the Commie menu reads (grub) Worm steak. I read that bug eating has the seal of approval, was it by the UN? Hmmm, maybe or the EU? Some major international organization said insects are safe, even recommended, for consumption. Commies will save the planet!

how are you tying this to commies?

Yanks and their over-consumption of all natural resources is coming to an end…fascinating to watch a spoilt society in a state of denial and resentful angst as their level of material well-being is starting to reverse to a normal and average that most of us outside the fucking cuck Canada and Yank wunderbart have to deal with…no more fat steaks everyday and each of the family members driving a car that burns as much petrol as a tank…

Something we both agree on PY, in that over-consumption is not a good idea and leads to complacency and lethargy, but that doesn’t mean that production and manufacture should come to an end and cease. It just means we all need to be ecologically aware and act accordingly/mindfully, in the day to day choices we make.

whaaaat??? :-k :-k :-k :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Lol… I know, right.

There’s no need to over produce, but maximally produce… with a slight surplus for when needs must.

you misunderstood…i meant that i understood nothing from it. i dont use sarcasm nor smug taunts and innuendos.

I misunderstood nothing!

you are one fucking weirdo :confused: :confused: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: go talk shit with my abusive step-daddy SSATIRE over at SHITthyself…he needs somebody to preach his paranoid kooks idiocies to…!!!