What are you doing? (Part 1)

i paid 400 bucks for that fiero from a girl whose parents bought her a mustang and told her she could get rid of the fiero however she wanted to. was awesome. now i have the most boring car ever but it gets really good gas mileage so i’m gonna go road trip in it in july. roundabout way to denver, show at red rocks, a few days at a place at the base of copper mountain, then off to north dakota to a big national park with buffalo and shit, then down to mt rushmore and badlands then back to bham.

i didn’t know people over there even had cars though

Watching Gardener’s World and planning the in-fill planting for this year’s display.

Senettis, cannas, passiflora, sollyas, zantendeschias, ferns, primulas, perlagoniums, impatiens, begonias, heliopsis… what else. :-k

A hardy-exotics garden… like mine, but better… so mine soon to look, more like that.

I bought some indoor plants recently, maybe I’ll post them in a bit. I might get some more too. I’m liking the feel of them

i grew a bunch of weed indoors back in the day. had a great time.

blowing this joint -I’ll come back, when all have gone/deserted the place.

Just reducing myself, to normal weight, after all that one trip into the godly twilight almost killed me.

Can do cause did it before , there for, can do it, doing it again. But the severity of that austerety can not again be done again.

Wondering if this forum is primarily composed of schizophrenics, myself included.
Society gives schizophrenics a pass if they funnel it through the lens of religion.
‘They’re just passionate.’


I’m still an idiot today.
My flawless streak remains intact.

Been going to a table tennis club.
The offer coaching sessions where you alternate between lessons and practice with others students.
I started playing in virtual reality and thought I could try this in person.
It’s a way to acclimate myself to being around others, whilst having the game to break the ice.
When I play, I leave all my concerns at the door - and only focus on the game and present moment.
One of the other players described me as ‘so innocent’. :-"
I guess I seemed carefree and unconcerned - as if I were oblivious.
I was happy to play and be around others, so there was an unforced grin plastered on my face.
It’s all been small talk and positive feedback,
but if they ask more about me, I’m not really sure what to say.
‘Boring family guy, who likes playing instruments and being creative -
nothing complicated. I just try to find happiness in the small things each day.’
I guess they have no reason to reject me…
unless it’s a them problem, and that’s no indication on me.
I am boring though - well, not willing to open up.
I suppose I hope they don’t care about me, and are disinterested -
that they’re interest is only on the game, and aren’t bothered by me either way.

If you mean this forum:
Bye Mags, was a pleasure.
Best wishes and hope life treats you well.
Take care out there.

:greetings-wavingyellow: :sci-fi-beamup: :text-thankyouyellow:

So, um… where are these ‘maybe’ photos, you spoke of?

can’t wait to get out in the garden, this weekend… clearing leaves/weeds and planting Spring flowers, for now.

who hasn’t!?

…more an ungodly twilight, then?

So less-severe the endeavour… than prior? …it’s not so much about getting there, than it is the journey… and then about eventually getting there. :smiley:

when i am president there will be nap time for 2 hours every day, whenever you want to take a nap

I’m getting much more complacent with the journey, as though there may be assumed Some Day will per chance will get there. Used to not be so. Oh well.

only 2 hours? …what if people require more?

Putting limitations already… tsk tsk!

Siesta is a thing in some countries. Well. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

ok 2 hour minimum

is this why the mexican restaurants close between 2 and 4?

it is

That’s the spirit… :smiley:

…a case of ‘learning from the past, from the same repetitive endeavour’, so not stressing-it?

I just made a pot of tea.
Red Rose : Orange Pekoe.
With milk and sugar.