What are you doing? (Part 1)

I remember when weed was just weed with maybe 4 varieties… Just give me a plain old beer. :slight_smile:

In most cases you’re right. But if you get your hands on the few that are actually extremely distinct from one another, then it becomes more clear. The phenomenon is real, but it’s not present in all places where people are smoking weed. A lot of times it’s not just the indica/sativa distinction that separates them. I mean even amongst sativas, there are ones that make me freak out and peek out my windows, and then there are ones that make my head clear and I’m able to go about my day just feeling a bit sharper than normal. Amongst the indicas, there are ones that might as well be a sleeping pill, but there are also ones that sort of slow down the brain and make you miss your turn in traffic and forget where you’re going because you spaced out. Sometimes too much indica can make my back hurt because I get so relaxed that I"m not sitting up straight and supporting my spine. Other ones can act almost as painkillers. I used to think that for the most part weed was just weed, then once I got access to all these different kinds, over the years I’ve kinda nailed down what I like to smoke and when.

The best I’ve ever had was a form of Purple Cush… it smelled great and smoked great, but was really hard to get, $80 bucks for an 1/8th… when I was younger I knew pot dealers, they even carried guns, so I had lots of access for free, but I just realized they all made me paranoid, so I stopped smoking it. Everyone has different biochemistries.

My neighbor’s dog killed some of my chickens and Guineas. I am glad I learned to cool off before speaking and diplomacy. The ones he killed were hand raised, petted friendly birds. My kid and I put alot of love and time in to those hens. They had personality, quirks, preferences, individuality.
Damn glad we had time to cool down.

We raised chickens when I was growing up. They had different personalities all the way from a belligerent red rooster to a docile spotted hen. They were my friends. I’m sorry to hear of your loss.

A great loss. I am sorry.

Where is that dog, the killer, now? I hope in the courtroom of in the “International Court of Justice” in The Hague or alraedy in the former jail cell of Milosevic. :evilfun:

I do live in southern cal, and I used to know of Acapulco gold back in the sixties. As the best one. now, my son in law, who had that kind of business before he was busted, he will not tell me why, gave me some very good stuff. it really is.

I do have a medical condition, caused by a pinched nerve and it does real well to alleviate the pain. I do not smoke all that much because I a, so busy, and it really relaxes me way too much to the point I don’t want to do much of anything,many that’s not good.

Thanks, Ier, Yea, we have- had a few that just are so personable. Little Whatchya, insists on his attention, my husband gets attacked because he ignores the little guy. :slight_smile:
Armin, I do not know what happened with the dog, I will never ask.

Okay. How many chickens and Guineas (Guinea fowls, I guess) killed that dog?

A husky syberian came into our coup when I was little amd killed 20 chickens in a single night.
He killed prince boy ; (

If the dog is dead then it was a bullet that killed him. I don’t know what his owners did and I don’t think it is any of my business. They hurt, I hurt. I won’t make it worse for them by nosing in.

Yes, of course. So I guess the loss which was caused by that incident is more a qualitative than a quantitaive one.


I’ve decided to become Hellenistic because Hellenism has been getting some good reviews lately around the forums. So in order to do this I need to know what I have to do.

Are we talking about something that can be done by a few changes in diet and exercise, or is this like a big philosophical thing that I have to prepare and atone for?

If this is going to involve a lot of reading then we better forget about it. Reading makes me sleepy and I can’t remember anything I ever read anyway.

Do I need a certain set of beliefs, or is it more about what I do and have?

Is this like an identifiable culture such that I could point a dude out at a philosophy convention and say ‘now that guy is Hellenistic’, or is this just about having a few philosophical ideas that are called Hellenistic?

I think you need to put on a toga or something.

Men who dance. Yay or nay, ladies?

What I am doing right now is trying to figure out what this is supposed to be:

[size=50][/size]Allone’s Obe issance

I absolutely have to know what’s going on here.

Is this a mistake that Orb does not know needs to be corrected, or does Orb know this is a mistake and refuses to correct it, or is this not a mistake, but intended to appear as a mistake in order to make idiots like myself ask if it was a mistake?

Orb, would you be so kind as to explain what is happening here?

Are you aware that the text should be between the brackets, or am I missing something?

A fun n spontaneous man will do me just fun, and I guess that includes being able to move like Jagger :slight_smile:

It’s Spring time baby, so let the games… begin :smiley:

Was that ouzo, obepants?

…a quick workout of a quadruple set of squats, calf-raises, push-ups & planks/side-planks, before getting all dolled up for an evening of telephone canvassing followed by drinks at a drinks event somewhere in town.

Not sure what to wear :-k