What are you doing? (Part 1)

I do live in southern cal, and I used to know of Acapulco gold back in the sixties. As the best one. now, my son in law, who had that kind of business before he was busted, he will not tell me why, gave me some very good stuff. it really is.

I do have a medical condition, caused by a pinched nerve and it does real well to alleviate the pain. I do not smoke all that much because I a, so busy, and it really relaxes me way too much to the point I don’t want to do much of anything,many that’s not good.

Thanks, Ier, Yea, we have- had a few that just are so personable. Little Whatchya, insists on his attention, my husband gets attacked because he ignores the little guy. :slight_smile:
Armin, I do not know what happened with the dog, I will never ask.

Okay. How many chickens and Guineas (Guinea fowls, I guess) killed that dog?

A husky syberian came into our coup when I was little amd killed 20 chickens in a single night.
He killed prince boy ; (

If the dog is dead then it was a bullet that killed him. I don’t know what his owners did and I don’t think it is any of my business. They hurt, I hurt. I won’t make it worse for them by nosing in.

Yes, of course. So I guess the loss which was caused by that incident is more a qualitative than a quantitaive one.


I’ve decided to become Hellenistic because Hellenism has been getting some good reviews lately around the forums. So in order to do this I need to know what I have to do.

Are we talking about something that can be done by a few changes in diet and exercise, or is this like a big philosophical thing that I have to prepare and atone for?

If this is going to involve a lot of reading then we better forget about it. Reading makes me sleepy and I can’t remember anything I ever read anyway.

Do I need a certain set of beliefs, or is it more about what I do and have?

Is this like an identifiable culture such that I could point a dude out at a philosophy convention and say ‘now that guy is Hellenistic’, or is this just about having a few philosophical ideas that are called Hellenistic?

I think you need to put on a toga or something.

Men who dance. Yay or nay, ladies?

What I am doing right now is trying to figure out what this is supposed to be:

[size=50][/size]Allone’s Obe issance

I absolutely have to know what’s going on here.

Is this a mistake that Orb does not know needs to be corrected, or does Orb know this is a mistake and refuses to correct it, or is this not a mistake, but intended to appear as a mistake in order to make idiots like myself ask if it was a mistake?

Orb, would you be so kind as to explain what is happening here?

Are you aware that the text should be between the brackets, or am I missing something?

A fun n spontaneous man will do me just fun, and I guess that includes being able to move like Jagger :slight_smile:

It’s Spring time baby, so let the games… begin :smiley:

Was that ouzo, obepants?

…a quick workout of a quadruple set of squats, calf-raises, push-ups & planks/side-planks, before getting all dolled up for an evening of telephone canvassing followed by drinks at a drinks event somewhere in town.

Not sure what to wear :-k

The workout met a need… to, er… workout :smiley:

I’m telephone canvassing… as I type… for the Conservatives at their CCHQ offices. Boris Johnson is supposed to be making an appearance, then me n pal are off for drinks in town, so it’ll be a very merry end to the day :slight_smile:

Loving the sore obliques from yesterday’s workout… :confused: Been doing body weight exercises these last few weeks (as opposed to weighted ones) as I don’t need any more muscle mass on me.

I’ve been doing lots of exercising lately - stretching, cardio and resistance training. Getting back in shape after 6 months of slacking. Flexibility is the easiest and the fastest to regain, then cardio, building back atrophied muscles is the longest and most difficult of the three.

Aidon: if it is your intention to get banned, disregard this post. But if you prefer to not get banned, surely, by now (what has it been… ten years?) you know how and what to say to prevent it from happening. So, my question will be: why would you act surprised and protest your banning if you know in advance you are doing the things that will get you banned?

If your problem with the fact that the people who own/run this site can do anything they want and don’t need to justify what they do to anyone, I don’t know what to tell you. The internet is a hard place, what can I say.

But perhaps you would consider trying to say the same things but without the inflammatory language? Gramma used to tell us that cursing was the feeble mind’s attempt to express itself. She sure did. Well, cursing with malicious intent, anyway.

I would also argue that you could make someone feel even smaller if you said the right things a little more eloquently. What takes the air out of your posts is how crude they often are, and the person you are assaulting does not feel as offended because of the malignant vulgarity throughout the post. The person then holds your opinion with much less esteem because you are not someone they care if they impress.

They cannot feel small or insulted in/by your presence. That is what I mean… and that is something a guy with a gig like you really needs.

An ambulance came through the intersection this morning and I observed how perfectly everyone in their cars organized to move out of its way. He came up behind about seven cars at a three lane red light that just turned green. The cars had just started to go and then, like a small school of fish, three went this way and four went that way, making a path for the ambulance, who weaved back and forth between them like it was choreographed.

Now this isn’t the least bit notable or interesting unless you consider how many things could have gone wrong at that critical moment, and the fact that I was stoned (and still am).

You are aware of the billions of complicated organizations and relations that make this possible, yes? From the functioning of the Golgi apparatus in a cell to the vast network of automobile traffic coordinating itself on a nervous system of complex roadways.

This assembly at the intersection was one organism in autopoiesis.

I am reminded of how logically similar a circuit board is to a five square mile city block viewed from several thousand feet.

The fact is, there are only a few ways in which the universe can work. The Body is the same repeating forms of microcosmic and macrocosmic organization throughout. If you look at any system from a distance you will find the same kind of operational pattern working somewhere inside it.

Is that a curious fact? I don’t know.

I didn’t design the universe so I don’t know why causality works like it does, or why just such laws exist rather than other ones… if other ones are even possible.

This incident was a fractal, and within it, other smaller fractals of repeating sequence, pattern, ratio, proportion and rhythm. And in them, the same, etc.

What happens when a thinker who is presenting an idea of theirs tries to incorporate ideas of other thinkers into a collection for the purpose of being explanatory and supportive of the idea being presented.

The thinker begins to believe the way in which he/she interprets the idea is the way in which the writer intended it, and, that the writers themselves meant the same thing as each other, as well.

But this is not to say that this shouldn’t be done. In fact, it cannot not be done.

There is no Philosophy, only philosophies, building blocks that ‘nonetheless retain their value as building material’, as Fritz put it. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it allows the pieces of philosophy to be used in many different ways. Bad because it allows the pieces of philosophy to be used in many different ways.

Whenever I read a compilation of the thoughts of more than one thinker, I am immediately suspicious of the person who is compiling those thoughts for the purposes of their own. I don’t mind that this happens because it cannot not happen, but I must suspend for the sake of the poster my knowledge of the many other ways in which the ideas could be interpreted and arranged, and, if I wish to argue, pretend that the thing against which I am arguing is really something that could be argued against, or something that I would argue against.

I am forced to pretend to interpret a writer’s ideas a certain way so that I can later pretend to be arguing against them when I debate the person who has compiled them in the post for the purposes of pretending (if they are honest- hoping) they should be interpreted a certain way.

I can’t get around it. I’m automatically disagreeing with the writer who’s ideas are being used in the post?

I will not be forced to do this.

I’ve never liked it when somebody tries to tell me what somebody else meant when they said this or that. I do this all the time, but unless it can be guaranteed there can be only one way to interpret it, and that that way is accessible to us, I’m blowing smoke. I may honestly and passionately mean what I say, but what I am saying might be smoke… for the unavoidable above reasons. This wouldn’t be my choice, couldn’t be my choice. I would be perfectly innocent of the charges of second degree, non-premeditated philosophical hubris and hoax. And so can you be too.

Something else I don’t like (and used to be guilty of). The capital gimmick. Not self, but Self. Not intersubjective post-nihilism, but Intersubjective Post-Nihilism.

You get a lot of big intimidating, royal super-concepts and very little description, definition or explanation to go with them. And if you are lucky enough to get some explanation, it will involve even more of em.