What are you doing? (Part 1)

Zoot, the KTM is austrian. That’s some good white people engineering. Also, I’m not a fan of mcdonalds burgers, but I have been enjoying the all day breakfast lately, and the coffee isn’t bad. Not to mention that the stock has been doing well lately. It’s an interesting company really. I could go on and on.

Iambig, I do not know who jax teller is.

Magsj, your post about bitches made me think of some lyrics from one of my favorite songs. Bands a make her dance. In one part Juicy J says, “you say no to ratchet pussy…juicy j can’t”. Truer words may never have been spoken.

You’re killing me with your hot rhetoric… stop it!

Actually, no, no… carry on :wink:

I don’t know the last two tunes but I’ll check em out… also has a touch of the Janelle Monae’s ‘Many Moons’ about it.

Right, like you don’t know who Tyler Durden is.

But, okay, I admit it: I just made them up. :wink:

Should be sleeping, but I’m not.

The bromances here are amusing. Bromance is a beautiful thing.

Earlier, I was playing The Settlers of Catan with my cousin and her husband, and her husband looked at her and said, “Fuck you, San Diego.” To which she replied, “Did you just call me a whale’s vagina?” And then laughed so hard her face turned red. It was cute and I also laughed, because I love Will Ferrell.

2016 has been a flop for me so far, and we’re only 10 days in. This does not bode well. But I’m going to quit my job next month, so that should help a bit.

Oh and Turd, it’s nice to see you back. Your posts generally make for an enjoyable read.

Lol, I bet he can’t… a tonne of women offering him their wares on a daily basis, most men couldn’t say no to that.

You guys gotta film yourselves on the tiny motorcycles riding around… those things crack me up :laughing:

If anyone who has a problem with fastfood “has bad genes or is a lazy ass”, then most of them must have a lazy ass, because there has been a real fat US „nation building“ since the first US fastfood was bought.

Arminius’s post reminded me of this


I remember being in Munich for the first time when I was 14. Marienplatz was so busy and interesting. I was kind of mesmerized by the gothic architecture of the Neues Rathaus and I had never seen real gargoyles on a building before. It was November and Christkindlmarkt was in full effect. We went to dinner at a lively pub/restaurant downtown. My younger sister, however, wouldn’t eat anything from the menu. She did end up ordering something, but didn’t eat it. Walking back through the city to our hotel, we passed by a McDonald’s and my sister just about threw a tantrum to get McDonald’s food. Americans, on holiday in Germany, stopping at McDonald’s. It was kind of funny in a sad way and also a little embarrassing.

Big-mac’s are delicious, though.

Cool story, bro. :slight_smile:

I remember stopping at a KFC in Amsterdam on a trip there once and eating a shit ton of fried chicken.

Today the temperature is predicated to reach 105 f (41c).

It is early morning and already the north wind is gently stirring. Will have to close all the windows and doors and bring the dogs inside.

A perfect combination for a bushfire day.

Still have eight weeks to go until the autumn.

thanks, bro!

Was it good? What made you stop there instead of somewhere else?

“Today the temperature is predicated to reach 105 f”

It’s 30 degrees here right now. Where the fuck do you live lady, death valley? Mercury? Where on earth is it 105 in january?

Is this one of those deals with the tilt of the earth’s axis so three places somewhere are always opposite in season and temperature than all the other normal places?

I slept through geography class or I never had a geology class… I can’t remember which.

Theres this thing.

Woah woah woah. Slow down buddy. I told you I didn’t have a geology class.

Zoot wrote:

HA, well it felt like Mercury, but no, I live in Australia, that sunburnt country.

30’s are perfect and we are headed for that in next few days.

Ooops correction!

Temp is Now
43 °C - 109 f
with the promise of a few showers.

Tomorrow bliss for a day at least
Forecast: 15 / 24 °C - 75 f

Wait… I know this. It’s because of Australia’s position on the earth that keeps it from experiencing winter seasons, regardless of the earths axis tilt or its position in its orbit. These things affect all other continents, excluding the poles of course. But not australia, mate.

And no I did not just look it up. I remembered it from school, thank you.

I see.

Well then, I think it’s safe to say Australia does have a winter season but not at the same time all the normal continents have their winter seasons. I suspect the southern tip of south America has the same problem, yes?

This can be solved but it would take billions or dollars. Atmospheric control systems can be designed which would synthesize artificial climates on certain regions of the earth. This manipulation of the environment could synchronize the seasons of these regions of the earth with the other regions.

It comes down to whether or not the Aussies want to do the right thing and follow the seasonal order everybody else follows… And stop trying to be non conformists.

They’ve been talking about this for a while now. It’s one of the great new United Nation One World Government projects. Its aim is to make everything the same everywhere in the name of fairness and equality – and who doesn’t want fairness and equality?

The southern hemisphere will change its seasons so that it gets hot in June and cold in January (weird) and the western hemisphere will change its time zone to align with China and Oz so that everyone experiences the same date and time as everyone else. It will mean you guys in the western hemisphere are going to have to call your days, nights and your nights, days and skip a day to get in line but after that, everything’s hunky dory. This will also have a tremendous impact on Global Warming/Global Cooling/Weather Change (or whatever they call themselves nowadays) so it must be good. :---)

The sticking point is getting the US to move from fahrenheit to centigrade like the rest of the world.

It was pretty good man. I mean…it was a bucket of fried chicken. I stopped there because I was probably high as a kite, and there’s something hilarious about having the munchies and eating something like a bucket of chicken. We ate at a bunch of restaurants. The KFC was one of many.