What are you doing? (Part 1)

That could mean anything. I’ve never been much of a sleeper.

So I went to ride and as soon as I started the engine it began to rain. So I said fuck it and came inside.

I’m learning English from a Korean


I am not learning Korean, but… funnily enough, I thought I’d better swat up on my French as its my mother tongue (albeit a broken version) so I want to be so fluent in it that it becomes my first language again, and plus I’m going to St Lucia in a few months to see the parents and I don’t want the natives laughing at me like they did last time :confused: the bastards.

Who wants to see an awesome animated 3d porn clip? Two impossibly hot chicks…One with an impossibly large Johnson goes to work on the other. The graphics are awesome…I’ll send you the link in a pm. Carleas probably wouldn’t want it posted on the boards.

Five bucks says you WILL flog the dolphin when you watch it. Can a cartoon be that good? The answer is in the affirmative.

And even his knees are destroyed! :wink:

Woke up this morning. Someone stole the motorcycle. Thank goodness for insurance.

Wasn’t it all chained up? I hate thieves… thieves and liars.

It only weighs like 325lbs, so I imagine that someone just picked it up and left. Spoke with insurance company this morning. They’ve gotta wait 14 days to see if it’s found, if it’s not then it’s total loss and they cut the check.

Watching old episodes of to catch a predator on youtube.

Been networking, drinking passion fruit daiquiris, and dancing all week, so on the sofa with the cat watching The Blade (again) and refuelling for tomorrow’s party at Home House… I’m going as a black widow, even though I’ve never been married. :laughing:

Have you watched Vanity Fair Confidential (youtube)

Great series on true crimes.

I had a veggie and chicken wrap,
a yogurt parfait, and vitamin water.
I’m at the library’s public computers.

How very modern of you Dan… how do you think/feel after eating quite clean?

So hail Caesar with gorge Clooney was pretty good. Marcuse and a group of communist thinkers kidnap Clooney and hold him for ransom… won’t tell you the rest and spoil it. Very nicely done though, comic scenes are wonderful. Clooney forgets his word (faith) after this long eloquent speech about the christ.

Some of the dialogue between the communists was actually surprisingly to par with actual dialectical materialism. I was impressed, Marcuse was played well.

This scene is also hilarious:


George Clooney a real life political Liberal portraying a Communist in acting?

Not surprising, I suspect very little acting was involved as it came natural for him on the big screen.

So all political liberals are communists, or just George?

I would say all Liberals.

I’ve been listening to a radio interview with an author/journalist about one of Australia’s top crims – Stan ‘The Man’ Smith – and his two partners, McPherson and Freeman.

I grew up in Balmain, Sydney where Smith and McPherson grew up and, from the late 60’s onward, I became best friends with Stan’s son, Stanley. A decade later, I was living in Kings Cross, the red-light district of Sydney when Stanley asked to stay a while; within two weeks he was dead. I don’t think it was an accidental heroin overdose. I think he was set up with some super strong horse to get him out of the way. Little Stan was a drug addict which is the last thing people who are trying to keep a low profile want around them. He was prone to barging in on meetings, saying the wrong thing to the wrong people and just being a loose cannon.

I received two warnings that little Stan’s life was in danger; one from an ex-pro who was still connected with the crim world - she begged me to tell Stan that something terrible was about to happen to him and the other warning was from one of McPherson’s body guards. The body guard told me that little Stan would have been dead ages ago If he wasn’t Stan’s son. He then poked his fat finger into my chest and told me to ‘get the fucker out’ (of the cafe) and keep him away from them in public. I told Stan about both of these but he no longer cared.

I wrote about these episodes (and other Godfather-like scenes) on ILO in detail so I won’t repeat them here. Besides, it got a bit weird last time. I was saying things that perhaps shouldn’t have been said and was getting creepy vibes so I tried to disguise the names by hyphenating each letter. It didn’t work. I got contacted by a family member and sent a photo of little Stan. Then, the day after I decided to close the thread, big Stan died. It was on the front page of the newspapers.

The full story is like something out of a Shakespearian play; full of brutal ambition, conspiracies and murder, power struggles, ironic tragedy and returning back to where it all began which is what big Stan did. He moved out of his beautiful home overlooking Whale Beach and went back to the working class suburb where he was happiest.

The first 7 minutes or so of the interview is a bit boring because they’re talking about a couple of other crims who were the catalyst for the crim-cop partnership – the beginning of organized crime in Australia. Strangely, he doesn’t mention the links with the Chicago and Calabrian mafia? The podcast is about 50 mins long.

abc.net.au/local/stories/201 … 396263.htm

EDIT: Here’s an unfinished drawing I did from a window in my Kings Cross flat (circa late 70’s). This is where little Stan was staying before he died. I should re do it digitally and colourize it. I really loved that flat. :cry:


So it’s London fashion week and for the first time ever I’m getting involved… the only issue is: what to wear that won’t irk the fashion crowd and bloggers crew :-k

Designer mixed with street is pretty cool, so one won’t look a fool but hopefully cool.