What are you doing? (Part 1)

Rolling Stones is awesome. I like them a lot. That’s my verdict on the matter.


On another note I read this video thing:
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Why the would a god work in such a dumb ass way? The writer is really bad. And it is sad that so many think Gods would do this rather then walk to a store, clean windows or sweep etc in exchange for a gallon of milk for their starving baby…if this story is meant to convert disbelievers it is so off.

Mags, do you remember our conservation one year ago?

Here is the copy:

Today is my second ILP anniversary! :occasion-balloons: :banana-dance: :romance-hearteyes:

Cheers. :wink:

Congrats!!! I hope…
My first deliberate mixbreed chicks hatched today. I hope they are able to withstand attacks from Hawks and raccoons plus other predators. My flock of gentle chickens were decimated this year. I chose the hens that were aggressive and not killed(Copper Maran) and a very large social protective chicken (Jersey giant). I hope it works. They should protect the entire flock, maybe.

I remember it well… happy second anniversary, bay-bee :wink:


I wish you good luck!

Yea, thank you.

I got the blues, I’m wishing i bought more chocolate to help me cope.i did buy a cocoa powder, i don’t like it, maybe it will taste nice with hot milk. i cant think or focus properly, too distracted by everything. it has suddenly dawned on me that most people are sexually dysfunctional, and apparently it would cost excessive amount of money to launch human waste into the universe. i read the news today and it told me the same thing it always does, still shootouts in france, still desperate women trying to buy the school boys love with her pussy…a car blew up in berlin, and there’s also a new IRA blowing stuff up in belfast…humans are seriously retarded and i think this is increasing fast, …oh and to top it all off, yes, anglina jolie is still trying play maternal mother godness of the universe…

I think i’ll go and get a drink
and buy chocolate
then drink
and stuff my face with the chocolate
then pass out.

But chocolate is the reason for your blues.

Never give a crackhead crack.

i have been listening to this…


it’s kind of helping and making me worse at the same time…i’m also pretty sure this is the same stuff that sent erik on a suicidal killing spree…

k, im back… i bought this…

and 2x this…

Now im in bed…my jeans are off…

im all yours boys…

ok i just finish one can already…

now i feel like crying…

ok i just noticed Adele’s video “hello” has 1,330,945,587 views…this is no doubt going to send me over the edge…i wonder how many compiles a “hello world” program has had, it better be over 1,330,945,587 or im seriously ending everything…

Well if you don’t like Adele, what might send you over the edge is TIME magazine called her the greatest musician of the century, if I recall correctly.

i’m glad i don’t read it.

i have a slight headache :frowning:
i also feel like sucking a DICK

I am full of rage…stay away from me

Rage is a waste of time.

Fucking hangover. I am going to sleep like a baby tonight.

Femrage is never a waste of time.

I have 10 of a hopeful mixbreed of chickens. Now incubating 23 more eggs hopefully 1/3 will hatch and of those hopefully more than half will be hens. Been studying more veterinary works and studying human and animal mental behaviors. Interesting that omnivores can change patterns quicker. But if an omnivore eats food that is dominate of carnivore or vegatarian the ability to adapt decreases below carnivors or vegatarian.
This does include humans. What also is interesting is the diet of herbivore creates docile manipulative behavior while carnivorous/high similar to meat protien diet creates an over amount of paranoia. I could be wrong.

i was thinking about breeding guinea pigs for fun.