What are you doing? (Part 1)

Mr. reasonable is a hipster. We call them hipsters because it kind of ryhmes with hypocrit, well the first part does anyway. He is a hypocrit because he is a bully who flames people online and starts confrontations, even to people who weren’t attacking him, then he goes around and says anyone who does the same thing he does is immature and has no friends, implying he has friends and is mature. He thinks he is mature because he fits in socially, the majority of which are people who are as mature as him.

You’re projecting again.

I’m coming out of the theater now. Saw Maze runner the scorch, and fell asleep six times. And every time I woke up they were doing the same thing; running from something. I’m not sure, but I think the movie was one long extended getting away from the bad guys scene. I’ll have to watch the trailer since I slept through the entire movie.

For you Chakra S… you’ll see what I mean a minute into the song :slight_smile:
This song is everything :smiley:

This song is for all those who love themselves… Chakra S, Mr R, Arc, Zoot, UglyGirl, Ec, James S, Phon, Erik, Carleas, OH, Ierr, Amorphos, Maia, Pan, me, Gib, and anyone who thinks the shoe fits…

I’d go so far as to say she looks stunning… a far cry from pre-procedures 8-[

…and did you?

My NYE was cray… hope you had a good one :slight_smile:

…only if you buy me a box of a gluten, dairy and allergy free assortment of organic chocolate delights. :slight_smile:

The place was closed by the time I got back to return their call on Saturday, then closed altogether Sunday, and the salesman was off work today, but I went into the dealership anyway and by tomorrow afternoon I’ll know whether they’re going to ship it to me from a location 300 miles away, or if they’re going to go all car salesman on me and force me to buy it from someplace else.

Just lost a laptop. Sonofabitch. Nobody ever told me you shouldnt turn a 39 degree laptop on. I thought it would simply heat up gradually and bring itself to room temperature. It went on and then shut off before it could boot up. I tried again with the choke on… didnt even crank.

Reckon I fried the board or do you think she’ll turn over when she warms up?

Awwwww thanks MagsJ. If being sexy is crime, then they’re going to have to arrest me. I can’t stop now even if I was able. :sunglasses:

Once I went snowmobiling and it was -19 degrees, and my phone was just dead like it wouldn’t do anything. It was horrible. But it came back on when it warmed up. Maybe your laptop will too.


I’m not sure if this has to do with the above vid but it does look promising, kind of like mannequin’s future career. Cheers!

You could be doctor.


You tell yourself you’re mannequin, and …you’re not…not very kind


Who knows, you could learn to play the Saxophone. And die behind the wheel.
Love how 3:57 sounds like an old show theme. And 4:05.

MASH? Maybe.


That sounds like Kryptonite from Three Doors Down.


We should really get a song association thread.

Thanks for this song
Songs it sounds like:

Santana’s Smooth
Santana’s Black magic woman
Ya think I’m sexy
Jackie Blue

And those are only some :mrgreen:

lol I just couldn’t resist this.

Is she a female?

I just love being evil or somewhat naughty at times. :laughing:

You may have to turn her over. :mrgreen:

Got that shit.