What are you doing? (Part 1)


Just one more reason why the women want him, and the men want to be him.

Note to God: It’s just not fair, motherfucker!! :wink:


Much to my chagrin I regret to inform ILP that I both of my laptops have froze to death. This means that the frequency of my outstanding and insightful posts will be greatly reduced, as I have no patience to work from a smartphone or tablet keyboard. This would be like expecting Shakespeare to write plays on a stone with a chisel, or quantum mathematicians to use a casio calculator, or a master chef to manually make an omelete by flipping it instead of putting it into one of those deals that closes and cooks the whole omelette at once. You the kind that’s like a half moon so your omelette comes out in the proper omelette shape.

This is unfortunate because there is much I’d like to say. I’ve tried the voice keyboard and have found that my extensive vocabulary and philosophical vernacular proves to be difficult for the software to recognize.

Can you pop a wheely on that bike, Mr. R?

I can pop a wheelie on any bike. I have a tiny one in the back of my car that looks like it’s made for a kid, but it’s really not. I can even do it on that one.

I always wanted a BMW sport tourer bike. Forget which one it is but it’s between a crotch rocket and a dirt bike sort of. S’got cargo boxes all over it and a wind shield… buts it’s tough lookin too… not like one of those gay ass cruisers with air conditioning and eight speaker stereo system.

Give me a bike like that and I swear to God I’ll own nothing more than what can be fit in those boxes… and ill go. Ill just go, Mr. Wherever the fates take me.

You should look at the kawasaki klr 650. It’s a beast man. I had one before that was of the previous body style. They’ve been updated to look pretty snazzy. Slap some street tires on that sucker and it’s on. There were a couple of local guys who rode to the arctic circle, one on the bmw and one on the klt650, and the word was that they were arguing about who would get to ride the kawasaki on the way back. Not to knock bmws, they make excellent shit. But for the money it’s possible that the kawasaki is a better bet.

Men bonding…

Doesn’t it just choke you up?

Unless of course one of them is just being ironic. :wink:

dont b a h8r

Check out these things. Couple of friends and I have decided to form a tiny motorcycle gang. We occasionally cause ruckus in a parking lot here or there. The helmet sitting on top of the red one is almost the size of the bike itself. The shit gets pretty funny.

Sorry, but I’ve always been partial to Harleys myself.

Indeed, what real man or woman wouldn’t be?! :wink:

Too heavy too slow.

Zoot didn’t you live in NC at some point? There are tons of amazing curvy mountain roads there.

I think I found a way back to the site. For some reason I have been getting error messages when I try to get on, hopefully this way I am trying now stays working.

Yeah, the blue ridge parkway is some fine riding man. Never did it on a motorcycle but I did ride eighty miles on a GT mountain bike, fully loaded… had saddles bags on it. Liketa died too. I didn’t train for the ride and my legs were like jelly for a week when I finally got to boone. Up hill the whole way bruh. I could barely walk.

Harleys are a bunch of redneck noise, biguous. I’d take a rice burner over a Harley anyday. But BMWs are the best. You get that smart white person engineering without all the false hubris of the great American attitude. When you are riding a harley, you aren’t riding just a motorcyle; you also have a chip on your shoulder that makes you want to unnecessarily rev the thing every seven seconds and make all that godforsaken npise.

i haven’t ate mcdonalds in about 5 or more years! i really feel like a mcdonalds right now! cheese hamburger, fries and a large coke…ohhhh mannnn.

Fastfood is delicious and anyone who has a problem with it has bad genes or is a lazy ass. We are literally hardwired to get high on fat… like eating it releases hormones or neurotransmitters or something. Your body will not lie; a greasey double cheeseburger is absolutely delicious, so there are two kinds of people. People who like McDonalds and liars.

its too late to obtain right now for me! :frowning: all i have is god damn pasta in my cupboard!! :open_mouth:

Maybe, but I don’t see Jax Teller riding into town on that slick, sleek commodity you’ve bought.
Still, I’ll run it past Tyler and get back to you.

Deliveroo a gourmet burger right to your door baybay, or make your own in 10 mins… all you need is some mince, some buns, and a slice of cheese :wink: