What are you paying?

Just read an article stating that gasoline is running $6.61 in London, and above $6.00 in most of Europe. Average taxes on gas in Europe is about $4.00 + while here in the states, taxes average about $ .46. So much for all the “free” social services in Europe…

Right now, I’m paying $2.76/gal for regular.

Keep in mind that Europe and Canada measure gas in liters, not gallons like in America. We Americans complain about gas prices, even though we really don’t have any bussiness doing so. Gas in Colorado averages around $2 to nearly $3 a gallon, I think.

I thought about that but the article had already done the conversions. It’s 6.00 bucks + a gal alright. :astonished:

So much for directly contributing to thousands of people dying from asthma…

Tentative, when I read this thread title, I was convinced your post would begin with “for your long distance service?” and I was ready to begin a secret campaign to have you banned!

Hello F(r)iends,


Wow, Uccisore!
Your humour is so clear cut these days!


I wanted to make sure he’d know I was really joking this time!

…which leads us nicely to…

We’re spending about 8.5% of our GDP on health care at the moment. How much are you guys spending?

Dellboy, I don’t know the answer to your question.

As for gas prices, I paid $3.23 at a cheap station for
their cheapest gas. Prices are going up every day around
here. Soon it should hit $4.00 for the cheap gas.
ouch. Thank you gas companies for ruining the summer
of anyone who want to travel anywhere.
And you gas companies, should thank certain
washington politicans who covering your but.


oecdobserver.org/news/catego … hcare.html

Some countries get their priorities right…

I pay about 2.1 YTL per litre. Ridiculous - but I’ve an idea petrol is more expensive here, than it is in the UK.

Hello F(r)iends,

What are you paying for cigarettes these days?
I’m paying $7.50. Theoretically.
'cause, uh, I’ve stopped smoking.
Aren’t most cigarettes about $5 per pack?
If people are willing to pay that much for cigs, how much more for something they need?


Need petroleum, fossil fuels? Is that an assertion?

Simple fact: Hydrogen is the single most readily available element in the entirety of the observable universe.

A hydrogen economy is feasible, at least in the U.S., within 7 - 10 years. That time could be halved, if we forced the government to stop subsidies and research dollars going to “Big Oil”.

Don’t discourage, excourage … “It’s a word, look it up.”

I just paid $2.71 (25 bucks, and I don’t even have a full tank!) but that’s fairly cheap - gas is technically ‘down’ at the moment. I’m expecting to pay in the $3.15-$3.75 range for most of the summer. :imp:

As for the smokes question, they’re roughly $5 a pack, yeah, but I’ve seen them for as much as $6.35 at places like Wal-Mart.

what’s funny is the amount americans pay for bottled water…

$1.00 for a 20 oz bottle? (possibly more in some areas/machines)
128 ounces in a gallon means americans pay about $6.40 per gallon of water…

the problem is supply. we need more refineries and more wells and less leftwing environmentalists.



That reminds me: I’ve always liked the rationalization that gas still remains one of the more inexpensive liquids on the market (way cheaper than orange juice, roughly the same price as milk, etc.). What’s the big deal? But as the months have passed since I first heard that argument, I’ve come back around: the difference is, I don’t drink fifteen gallons of milk a week, nor have I been put into an economical circumstance that demands I do so in order to keep my job.

Still, how much more per week does it (the increased prices) really amount to? Ten bucks? I think I can handle that; not the end of the world.

:unamused: Right now, I’m paying $3.25 for the cheapest gas.

I think I’m gonna buy a bus pass. #-o

I don’t drive.

I suggest everyone starts using the bus more frequently especially in the U.S.A! Save some cash, save some fuel, get some exercise, use a form of social transport…

LOL… utter bullshit.

I buy two three gallon containers of purified water per week … at two dollars and forty-nine cents per container.

What we need is for people to come out of the dark ages of mundanity, and move forward … the internal combustion engine has been out moded for no less than fifty years at this point.

Being cerebrally progressive, and having little to do with environmentalism, is not a partisan position or affiliation. Some of us would actively hunt and slaughter all politicians … if it were fundamentally feasible.

Hey Ucc,

Jeez, I never thought about that. ummmm, so just what are you paying for long distance? :stuck_out_tongue: