What are you paying?

Not a dime!
I’m warning you, don’t make me bring my considerable influence to bare against you!

But Ucc, if you get me banned, think of all the friends you would have… :laughing:


Cigs: £4.80 - £5.50
Bottled water (33cl): £0.80 - £1.50
Petrol: No idea…always expensive
Sandwich: £3
Bus fare half a mile: £1.10
Bus fare from my door to my philosophy department: £1.80

Watching American tourists loudly trying to work out how many pounds go into a dollar while the bus is held up: £ Priceless.

Not sure…wouldn’t ‘having friends’ ruin my image?

Around $2.85-ish in my neck of the woods.

What’s craziest about England is that even though we’ve got really expensive petrol, going by train is still more expensive.

That depends where you are going. The cost of parking in London would cost more than the train fare. Then there’s the congestion charge…

What’s craziest about the whole world is that we measure the cost of fuel in money. Look at the title of the thread ‘what are you paying?’. So far almost everyone has put a monetary price as their answer. No consideration of what else we sacrifice to do such things, just a number with a daft symbol in front of it…

Hi siatd,

Other than our personal enrgy expenditures, all other forms of energy use are an exchange, and sorry, but money is the way we keep score.

The use of fuels of any sort is a matter of convenience. We could always return to walking… I’m sure the earth would be grateful.

around here,back in my car-going days which was a few years ago,it was always about 32 cents a liter(unless i dont know how to read gas signs).

now its like 60 or something.(unless i have homer memory)

In my part of Florida lately we have been paying around $3 a gallon for regular grade gasoline…which for us is absolutely horrendous!!

sorry SIATD. I did of course mean “my soul”, but luckily enough it turns out that this too has a price tag of £4.80

You’re worth more than that. I’d say at least £12.