what books do you recommend reading for philosophy?

I am wondering what books are good for philosophy and which books you would recommend reading to study it better and understand it more, a complex or easy book it doesn’t matter. I am also in LD debate so if you know anything about that please give me some tips or books for that as well. :slight_smile:

looking at philosophy by palmer is excellent


Thanks :smiley: I will have to check it out

I would recommend reading the futuristic 1984-esque novel, Conditioned except it is not quite finished yet. Give me another couple of months, I’m about half done.

Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy.

Put it in your bathroom and read it while you take shits. In a year you’ll know more than most, and not just some narrow perspective either.

haha I will defenitly take that book into consideration. I have seen it and I have wanted it for awhile. :banana-dance:

I actually sat down and thought about your question for a minute, which is something I rarely do. I mean, there are shit tons of fantastic books out there in the philosophy world, but without first nailing that dictionary, most of them that I’d recommend would be like reading another language, albeit one very close to english, just not close enough to make a whole lot of sense.

Plus, so many people start off with a particular subject. Some get into logic right off the bat and ignore things unmathematical and use thier new understandings to reinforce thier prior beliefs rather than consider new ones, which is the opposite of what I think people ought be doing.

Or they read some extentialism and cower beneath a new story they’ve learned from Nietzsche or whoever hiding from real knowledge the kind you can only get from a true understanding of things.

Or they go completely abstract and get into metaphysics so deep that they can’t find a place to call reality anymore and go crazy rocking back and fourth on the couch babbling about identity and necessity and all that.

If you read the dictionary, it’s kinda like a sneak preview of what’s to come should you remain on your noble path to enlightenment. Also, it’s not just words and definitions. It’s more like a pocket encyclopedia of philosophy. Lots of really good shit and immediate cross-referencing for terms you may not be familiar with.

It sounds corny, but I think a dictionary is the best bet.

well I am reading philosophy for dummies right now, yes I know that sounds really elementary to you guys but you must understand that I am just getting into philosophy so I need some ground. So should I start off with this book?

I have logic for dummies. It’s ok, but boring.

Think by Simon Blackburn is quite a good inductory to several areas of philosophy. Helped me get a handle back in 1st year Philosophy.

The good thing, I think, about inductory books is that if you read a particular theory or idea you find intriguing is that you can then delve deeper knowing you’re actually interested in it. Nothing worse than getting halfway through a book and realising what you are reading is shit.

I say start with Plato, the complete works

that’ll keep you occupied for some, and will delve into nearly every major area of philosophy one can think of and then some

oh, and did I mention his writing? it’s timeless

I could email him all the Plato.

The Mind’s I is a good collection of philosophy themed stories with philosophy discussions following. The stories are by a whole lot of people, and the discussions are by either Douglas Hoffstadter, or Daniel Dennett. It covers a lot of ground, and eases you into fundamental ideas using thought experiments and such.
Hoffstadter in general would be a good bet. Godel Escher Bach is pretty amazing.

Also, you could read almost any book and constantly ask “what does this mean?” and “why?”, and start as many arguments about the answers as you can. Philosophy is pretty broad.

Two books by Friedrich Nietzsche that are must-reads: Ecce Homo and The Anti-Christ

They’re both very accessible to noobs.

what if someone is inaccessible to themselves, yet believes to quite the contrary that he knows himself best of all?

what if with a clever mendaciousness he has convinced himself of such a thing, to be blindly and self-servingly free from all doubt with respect to himself?

what if one is chiefly loyal to ones own lies to oneself?



Carleas…did you just say philosophy is a pretty broad?

Nice metaphor.


Every time you come across something you want to understand better, go look it up online in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Don’t have any specific book recommendations, though I might after this summer, where I have about 10 philosophy books and some essays as well on my to read list.

lol I have about 19 philosophy books I have bought and I still need to read them. I have read about 6 of them. I really need ld books for debate. I really want philosophy books about true philosophy, alot of my books are on theorys such as john rawls and robert nozick.

What’s the gist of this book?, my local book shop is fairly limited but I noticed this book on the shelf…