What breed of dog:1 barks the least,2barks the most?

i was thinking daschunds and… possibly huskys bark less.

but POODLES … is there is there not a dog that barks more than a poodle?!

fortunatly i don’t have alot of ears-on being barked at experience,but i’m confident the think-tanks prowling around here have the answers.

If some brainless fool dipped you in a vat of pink dye and insisted on treating you like a leper then you’d probably make a lot of noise too…

Beagles, hands down have the most barking disorder won. Every one I have ever met or seen barks unless they are spoiled rotten or kept busy. they are hyper. Poodles bark is second, Chihuahuas third. Any small terrier will have annoying amounts of bark.

I find the large quiet dogs that sneak up on you, the most irritating, at least with barkers you know where they are. That oh so quiet deep growl can make you lose control of body functions even before you turn to look and see what is making that noise.

I used to have a pommerianian poodle.

She barked at nearly everything that moved anywhere, at any time, profusely.

To be honest that’s the real reason I went into philosophy – How can this fucking annoying dog bark so much? Is this God’s plan?

Oh Sadie… I’ll miss her, sort of.

Freak dogs. Watch them when they bark. They shake profusely and their eyes look like they are going to pop out of their head.

Poodles are also strange dogs. Zappa concluded that the poodles became a fashion item when housewives sought to popularize the “disco look” in their pets.

Please listen to the “Poodle Lectures” from “You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, volume 6.”

Least: dead dog

Most: live dog

I always found Jack Russell Terriers to be the worst barkers. They are loud and have an annoying bark.

I’ve found Huskies to be loud, but in a talkative, not barking kind of way. Which I like.

Quietest would probably be Shepherds. They certainly can be loud, but usually of their own accord, they don’t bark much. Maybe Rottweilers in there as well.


*gobbo,you are not alone.i have 2 poodles next door.i was reminded of writing this thread when i hear this “RAR RAR!” “SHUT UP!”. we even have goddam foxs that prowl around here that bark in the middle of the night. one fox,which i have named ‘newman’ would bark from somewhere 3am to 6 pm. anytime when an honest human is trying to sleep.it would sit right out side our window and bark in. our $#&!!# mutt was ussless nand would NOT kill it.:x

that basturd knew what it was doin. my DAMN sling shot broke and no one would get me any other kind of projectile.my family are biased. they all like that fox.:angry: imagine.

it may not do that exact shit anymore,but i was real sick at the time it was doing that.i still remember new man. i need revenge. alot.

if i could have killed a fox,i would have by now.

Canecorso are not generally barkers, plus they receive training well, so some only bark for trained instances.

Barking is one of two things in a canine: general communication or nervous defense mechanism.

Definitely poodles, and miniature snouzchers (I used to have one)

The barking is probably a result of the dog’s insecurity, a compensation you could say.

You know how they say a guy who drives a big truck is compensating for something else, if you know what I mean.
Well I think its the same way with dogs, small dogs feel they have to show their strength with their bark. They are afraid so they bark to attempt to scare their potential enemies.
They have a sort of chip on their shoulder you could say, napolean syndrome.

Perfect example.

australian dingos do not barkat all
freakin chiauhahas,bark worst and longest