What did God say?

Or how did he appear?

Discussion about God is overly theoretical, if you ask me. Religion for many people is about revelation, personal encounters with supreme moralities, with inner wisdoms, with expressions of freshly unearthed valuing capacity, values not before consciously realized, with the newly perceived beauty of an inner world reflected in the outer – or the soul of cruelty, hardness against that which is not (of) oneself (question of type), the courage to break down, destroy what is revealed to be wrong - the power or vision that fortifies the personal perspective by placing it in its proper (fitting) context in the world. So he should speak to everyone differently.

“Don’t hog the bong, dick.”

I could see that. Revelation of higher or unseen morality comes to the self-destructive one simply as as “stop what you’re doing”!

“Lamb gyro pitas dipped in olive oil eaten with feta cheese is the path to inner salvation my son.”- God

Truly awe-inspiring. God once told me a similar thing about roasted honey dipped boar. Diversity is the Lords maiden name.

i dont think this should be left on the religion forum…

Why the hell not?

Admittedly so far the answers have been unorthodox.

Such thing certainly requires courage to say by oneself alone that this is what is god to me, damned be the rest, the “major” whatever, and this is what has been revealed to me…
People rather believe that god does not exist because they find unbelievable all that has come before. So full is their spirit with the god tales of others that he has no space to make possible an encounter or revelation of the sort you speak of.
The wisest thing said by man is that: “I only know that I know nothing”. But most can’t do that. It may be that god is never the end itself. To appear revolutionary the easiest first strike against society is to “debunk” society’s god

Exactly. In the early ages of all religions, courage is the main quality of believers. Precisely because they stand alone with their own truth in the face of tradition.

A great house-cleaning is necessary to welcome God personally. Note that I understand God only as ones deep nature speaking/appearing in terms of subjective morality/ethics/aesthetics, etc. Wherever there is belief in objective truth indeed the wisest thing one can say is:

Easy, yes. Such revolutionaries have not yet overcome the idea of objectivity. they have only reversed the objectivistic statement “societies God exists and belief in it is good” to “societies God does not exist and belief in it is bad”. Their God, or with Socrates, their Daemon, has not yet spoken to them so that they could hear it.

It is not, for me, that one can’t believe in an objective Other, but that when one has that courage one comes to disdain the opinion of the many. If god was apprehensible by any yahoo that would be no god.
When you perceive something subjectively but also spiritually, not just in narrative but with emotional commitment the division of subject/object goes by the wayside as you are aware that you are made of a process, a cycle without end and the order within all things. No one can turn a hair on his head grey at will. No baby is told “grow” before it can do so. It is all within the very object.


Interesting. I had not thought about it that way, but it makes sense. God does after represent supreme value.

But this process still has a core, which accounts for your experience. So there is not one process but a multitude of processess intertwined and interrelated. If not for this division of subjects, there could not be a process, no dynamism, but just one chunk of goo if matter could exist at all. So there is some “doing” going on even if its not free-will based.

Yes but so is this writing. It gets more complicated than the unconscious natural processes as self-reflectivity is activated. The fact that the awareness of “God” is possible is indication that we might be able to be and do slightly more than just grow, turn grey and die. Of what use would God be if not to empower nature in some way?

this thread would be better in hall of questions…
because it is irrelevant to todays problems…this is just who has a bigger sand pile…it has nothing to do with religion…

turtle–I respect your opinion, but fixed cross has presented a positive thesis not merely a question, so I’m going to retain the thread in the religion forum, mundane babbling posts notwithstanding. I’m a little surprised at your reaction. I would have thought that fixed cross’s argument supporting personal religion would have resonated with you.

i have a problem with the question----
“what did god say”?

the god i believe in didnt say anything…
and i dont like the word god written God as if we all agree…

all this offends my religious beliefs…
and felix for you to be surprised implies a certain
restriction on the religion forum that is not shared by me…

i thought this was a religion forum…

Turtle, I take offense in your attempt to get my post removed from this forum out of a dogmatic conviction that all here should heed your personal belief in God.

My God does happen to speak.

I will translate some of his words. My God speaks in Dutch. All Gods speak different languages, but some of these languages are related sufficiently to convey some of the meaning across cultural borders. In English:

My son you have strayed, deliberately you have hidden from me. The world has split itself in two parts. There is a bridge, hidden somewhere in my reign. The sun is shining, but there is also rain, and though there is wind, it is also still. Find now this place, and connect like this bridge the two parts of my reign. So you will serve me, and no longer be foolish, but reasonable.

did you read my last post???/

I’m also offended by what turtle has said. He seems very intolerant of other people’s beliefs. Why can’t I believe in a God that speaks? Why can’t I capitalise God? What kind of oppressive regime is he trying to run here?

you have it wrong again…i am not attacking someone elses beliefs…i am defending my own…

i have a problem with the religion forum…i dont think the religion forum is very accepting of beliefs that differ from the judeo-christian god…i am disappointed…i will state again I dont believe in a god that talks…my god is different…is there a problem here???

Yes. The problem is you having a problem with our beliefs. What’s your problem?