what did jesus say about sex

And writing saying “This happened because I wrote it down.” is evidence?

I can write a book right now for generations 1,000 years in the future. Let’s hope they’re not dumb enough to call it evidence.

Is it important if Jesus’ hair is blue? Is it important if someone wrote that his hair is blue?

In Asia, Jesus is drawn with oriental features. In Europe and America, he is not Semitic. In Africa, Jesus is often black. In the middle ages, biblical characters wore medieval armor.

These things are trivial.

They aren’t trivial if you’re looking for historical evidence. There is no way to trace heritage/existence if that is trivial.

A black Jesus? How would that fit into his heritage, birth, where he was located, etc. Was he born in Africa now? and he traveled to Middle East? It all directly effects/affects the timeline of this being.

All the historical evidence to be found, has probably already been found. It is what it is.

You can decide which part of the NT are reasonable and which are not. You can live the teachings of Jesus or you can ignore them.

yes art…is there any teaching of jesus that you follow

Two pages and nobody has taken the time to simply post the quotes of Jesus talking about sex from the Gospels. You all know far too much about the Bible to actually read the thing.

sorry you are wrong…lev posted it all

Really? “It all”? And how do you know that’s all of it? 48 hours ago you didn’t know if Jesus said anything about sex or not. The stoning of the adulteress needs to be discussed, as does His discussion of marriage and the afterlife. But continue, what should have been a simple question (more like, a simple Google search) is much more entertaining this way.

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Actually his treatment of that unclean woman-prostitue of whose feet he bathed in perfume says it all. I am convinced he did not even give sex an eye’s bat , he was concerned with far weightier, philosophical concerns.

No I don’t need some old out dated guy telling me how to be.

Who do you need telling you how to be?

Mark is quoting Jesus.

Most Christians would see Paul as the spokesperson of Jesus, and as the Bible is supposedly the word of God, then what Paul says is in.

Not me.

No there is much more besides.

And as Jesus assented to the religion of his fathers then you would also have to consult the OT.

No one.

You don’t read old dead guys and do what they suggest?

That’s odd. :smiley: