What did you do today?

Today I mowed an endless lawn. Is cutting grass not the most pointless activity ever popularized?
After the chore was done I returned to my temporary home in Pueblo, CO, and met up with some special friends. Pueblo is a big town… its amazing what can happen in the right social situation.
I learned more about life today… a little more than I forgot.

What did you do today?

i went to a bunch of classes that i did not really need to go to, except for one: that’s right, pressure point self defense. there i practiced how to hurt bad people. later i went to our school’s big recreation/work-out center and ran around the track a bunch of times. i also met up with some friends there and came back to the dorm. i am now on the computer.

what did you do today? (<–not for father nature, but rather the next poster.)

ilovephilosophy.com/phpbb/vi … p?t=149252

ChimneySweep wrote a great piece of tiny wisdom in this prose nonsense:

did it never
occur to you that when you
cut the grass
all you really do
is make it
less long?

Today I done not much of anything!
Hung out the washing, put a washing on, accused my father of stupidity, watched a documentary on London Bombings Conspiracy, read ILP, read some news, listened to lots of music, and arranged my night out tonight.

My day is only just starting, but I’ll tell you of my plans

After this post and perhaps a couple more I’m going to look at porn, and have a shower.

After that – something to eat, likely a broccoli and cheese hotpocket

After that – Try and pack up some of my stuff that needs to be moved back to Halifax to my new place.

After that – take the stuff, and my parents car to my interview at a new club.

After that – Get baked

After that – Do a high move of the aforementioned stuff into the new house

After that – Maybe come back home

After that – Eat Dinner

After that – Get my brother to drive me back to Halifax to my house.

After that – Go to liquor store

After that – Return to new pad and drink with rommmates.

After that – Do drunk things, more pot

After that – More pot, likely fall asleep in my room which doesn’t have a bed.

Woke up in just enough time to get to class 10 minutes late…
Battled a wicked hangover…
Continued to battle the hangover…
Got some coffee…
Arrived at my next class 10 minutes late…
Shower finally…

Exciting day so far!!

Better to ask, “What did you do last night?”

Natty light hangover, took the bus to philosophy, lecture on premises/conclusions of arguments (so instead of listening I drew robots), back to my apartment, nothing to eat. Nothing to drink. Laundry to do. College.

Need beer. And a scanner.

Biked ~15 miles to lab.

Tried to get bike fixed, but the bike shop was closed, so I’ll have to bike back home on that thing that seriously needs some lube.

Washed my western blot, developed it. . . but someone has stolen the film and developing box.

So I’m wasting time until the thief comes back to lab.

Later I’ll be counting colonies (yuck!)

Oh, and for the first time in weeks I didn’t wake up hungover. It was a very unusual change of pace. Sad to think I won’t feel any better all day . . .

Ah, the wonderful and strange world
of Alchohol and Mary Jane.

took a hike played drums in the woods and burnt incense and read…thats about all i ever do.

ineed a gf

Spent most of the day on the computer, looking for work,
After reading all the jobs I can’t do, I am fairly depressed.
Have lunch with the wife, nap, then watch “Pardon the Interruption”
then Sportscenter, then probably go the local pub for a few brews.

Pretty much every day for the last month
and it looks like every single day for the next month.


Father Nature

always nice to come too such a conclusion.

creation imperfect

may i ask your definition of these ‘bad people’?


please tell more, i’m interested.


sounds goal fullfilling- tell me how it turned out sometime :sunglasses: .

Mr. Kebop

yeah, i agree at least for my part at least.


beer, no. scanner,yes. lol


why would someone steal anything from a lab?


your doing very well with your spare time, women are vicious and very unsure about using natural selection sometimes id’e say the only reason “you” would need a gf is to share your spare time with her; she can adjust with it, actually any woman can. keep hope and take chances.

Peter Kropotkin

you know a good boss likes to hire someone who can hide behind a fake smile and still complete their day, meanwhile as tired as they maybe they can be very thankful for having a place to come back to.


Prepaired healthy food. Ate it.
Listened to music.
Talked to my dear friends on the net.
Post a bit.
Take in some healthy pillz & tonics.
Make a load of [green]tea and drink it.
Upgrade my inner-self, meditatively, as I ponder this or that.
Use the RFG.
Exercise if I’m not le-tiered.
Baths, washing, changing, etc.

people who try to rob you or rape you or kill you or whatever. although if it was just a mugging i’d probably just hand over my wallet.

I poured alcoholic beverages into glasses and handed them to people, who either drank them or handed them to yet other people. Had to go to the store early to get coffee, forgot to get some last night.

Not much else, besides this. Ate a little (I’m trying to slim down for the beach this winter). Got high. Typed. Think I’m going to read a little. Uccisore’s got me all tuckered out.

I flew home from California - very boring. Got online and noticed that I was no one’s greatest. I’ll try to do better.

Very interesting,these people sound like they slowly but surely make the secular world go around.

Me? Video games,many and lots of video games. Only the ones a approve of though so most of them are 1990-2000.

I am currently listening to a meeting over the phone,since i cannot travel in vehicles yet.I was well enough to quite a while ago for a week,but thats about it.

yromemtnatsisrep’s day sounds the most interesting out of everyone’s day,actually. but…ya gotta ask,does he have a computer out there in the woods? :smiley:

I woke up at 7:30 and ran for an hour.
Had coffee and oatmeal.
Waited to babysit my granddaughter all day.
Got online to check that I too am few people’s favorite poster.
I felt bad for ten minutes.
I told tentative.
He laughed at me.
I told him I was serious.
He laughed at me harder.
The baby cried for most of the day.
We took a long walk and I got caught in the rain.
I ran home.
Poured myself a glass of Shiraz
Took pictures of the baby.
Had another glass of Shiraz.
Played the keyboard while the baby watched.
[size=75]She loves my singing.[/size]
Called my friend and did two loads of laundry.
My bass player showed up and we went over some music.
We had an argument and he left.
He called me on his cell to apologize.
Folded the laundry.
Got online.
(Baby fell asleep)
Had some stirfry and another 1/2 glass of wine.
Husband came home early to help with the baby.
Wrote in ILP - played keyboard with headphones.
Took my dog for a long walk.
Had a fudsicle.
Went to bed after sending emails of the baby to my family.

Shit, Bessy, if I do that in a week I’m tired.

And pissed.

Yea, but I have ADD, am a musician, and I drink. :laughing:

I have LSD, was a musician, and I drink.

Small world.