What do you do for your occupation?

I am currently a cook and waiter for a local restauraunt food chain. Everyday I ask myself what I have done in a past life to be punished and thrown into this soul sucking minimum wage hell hole of a position in society. Everyday I feel like I’m in a continual state of purgatory. Everyday I work with a bunch of fucking idiots who are content on living the rest of their lives as slaves.

My job mainly consists of selling unhealthy and disgusting food to the fat of the land. We get a lot of senior citizens with their foot halfway in the grave also besides the fat jumbo asses that makes up a majority of American society.

I get through it all daily somehow. Don’t fuck with the cooks because we occasionally do add our own special ingredients to the food if you insult us.

Besides working this part time local shit hole I am a student about to be enrolled in school in the near future to study robotics and automation hopefully.

I use to work factory and manufacturing jobs, but those are hard to come by in Obama’s new America because of a 100,000 jobs being outsourced yearly.

I could work the temp circuit, but they hardly hire anybody and the long hours aren’t worth the risk to one’s health.

I can’t image you as a waiter.

“Welcome. My name is Tyler and I will be your waiter tonight. You will all become my slaves when I become the local warlord following the coming armagedon. Would like to start with drinks?”

I am currently underemployed as a childcare worker, which is a nicer way to put: a babysitter to my grandkids. The job entails more then it implies, let me put it midly, it’s not without hazard of all sorts. I read too much into the job, way too much, and am tryng to get out of that kind of negativity. Some are like the feeling the helplessness in various social situations, such as interaction with parents who think grandparents are regressed to childhood anyhow, and should be relegated to just babysitting and not to any pseudo parenting.

I agree with that, except these parents, who see themselves in a far superior position, forgetting, that they once had parents, too, and perhaps they did like them had start as tranees.

Other than that, if a philosopher has any residual meaning, I see myself as a perpetual philosopher in training, where every idea, concept, nuance, and gesture is given equal weight, with an over wrought significance. Don’t matter, there is an excape hatch: as in when coming into some kind of interaction, deficiencies and perceived idiosyncrasies may be attributed to misguided caricatures people have of “deep thinkers”. As such, philosophy becomes a metaphor and excuse for gross but necessary compensation against being pinned down to narrow definitions.

Meanwhile, thirdly, am always on the lookout for a new opportunity, so that the daily ice cream, smoothy, or sludge can be provided to above said grandkids, who have vastly different ideas about how money is begotten.

Publically: Hi, my name is_________, what sort of drinks can I get for you fine folks this evening? Have we decided what we want for dinner?

[Insert forced fake smile here]

Boy, it sure is a cold and dreary cloudy day outside. Have you guys been travelling outside there very long?

Do you guys still need time deciding? No problem! I’ll be back with your drinks in a few minutes. Take your time.

Privately: I hate every single fucking one of you and in the upcoming break down of general society you all will make excellent sport or prey for me when I can shed this false existence for good that I’m forced to live under currently.

If you order soup I would like to shove your face into it and make you drown in the fucking soup bowl as I hold you down in it watching you flutter about gasping for air.

Does this explain things for you Phyllo clear enough?

Steal money from the restaurant. There’s always 100 ways and it’s usually pretty easy. Take steaks from the cooler on your way out at the end of your shift. Pretend you left your gatorade in there. Fight the power.

I’m not allowed near the cash registers in that it isn’t my station and even if I was it is under guard by two cameras 24/7.

Police station and jail is ten blocks down the road. It’s a small town and ect.

Another two cameras guards the manager office and safe. If you’re going to commit a crime these days you got to be smart and also be aware of your surroundings. [Laughs]

As for taking food home, well, everybody including the managers do that.


I too have a soul crushing job of epic proportions. I am a cashier in a supermarket.
I have managers who get younger and more clueless. The manager and assistant, both new,
are both under 30 and have no idea how to manage. The manager has yet to say hello to me
even though he has been there for over a month. The assistant is very weird. Supposedly a couple of years
ago, he got drunk, climb to the top of a house fell off and was in the hospital for quite a while.
One gets the feeling he was never the same after that. The manager is also weird, I was washing my hands
in the bathroom and he walked in, saw me, walked out and then waited until I left it before going in.
That’s not weird, is it? Nah. Anyway, I completely and truly hate my job but at my age, I can’t get anything
else that will pay as well with the benefits, I am trapped until death. Oh, I do pray for death every single day.


Peter, the bathroom incident…he was probably just going in there to do drugs, or to put stolen stuff in his pockets. I wouldn’t take it personally.

I teach something that fascinates me, barely ahead of my students. I garden too and put up, and I improve shit. A penny saved is a penny earned. I do what a lot of people pay others to do for them, minus the overhead. Labor costs me little more then 1500 calories a day. I’m the cook.

There isn’t much I don’t do for an occupation. Ain’t an occupation simply that of occupying time?

Mowk, what do you teach?

I was mistaken, I learn far more then I teach as far an the occupation of time goes.

Software dealing with graphic communication, mostly Adobe products. Metaphors of life. :shrug:

I once had to use Adobe Captivate for this whole thing and dude that shit can be pretty complicated.

So what did you use captivate to convey? There is a vehicle and the ride.

It was this thing to teach people how sometimes, when they’re using photoshop to alter scientific images, they can compromise data inadvertently or otherwise. It had quizzes and tutorials and all kinds of things. A “continuing education module” is what they called it I think.


It really wasn’t. I hate things with structure that require me to move my hands around or complete tasks and stuff like that.

I work for a charity to pay the bills. I sell my own books on the side to make money for having fun.

Despite not really trying, I have a pretty good life.

The best description of my job is animal nanny. A good job, great bosses. It has its bad times.