What do you do once you know the truth?

Say you finally figured out the truth to all mysteries, but then what are you to do? Should you go around and try to persuade people, looking like a crazy person? I think that once you know the truth there would be 2 options: (1) enjoy life, since you should be the most happiest alive; (2) go back to the world of suffering (think Plato’s cave analogy) and try to show people that their presumed knowledge is false.

You could do 2) during the week, and 1) on weekends. That’s pretty much what Bill O’Reilly does, isn’t it?


Maybe not in the way you phrased it - I wouldn’t necessarily stop bathing and grooming, ‘walk the land’ and preach to strangers - but in terms of sharing my newfound truth? By books, lecture and common exchange at the right moment? Seems like the right and honroable thing to do in such a circumstance.

Ha Ha Ha!..Since when has anyone on this board said the truth?

Start a religion.


May be all you’ll find out is that “there is no truth”

Which will

a. keep you “in work” as a philosopher.

b. Annoy the hell out of fans of 3 “psuedo profound” word sentences

  (examples "being is light" "truth follows meaning" "becoming is being" "god is truth" "all is movement" "knowledge is power" "darkness is light" etc etc etc )

c. Make everyone laugh at your lack of wisdom


ps “there is no truth” has four words


(ILP lunchbox)

What should you do once you know the truth?

Retire to Tiajuana I say.


I decided to join a philosophy forum… :wink:

Bah, truth.

I wouldn’t even waste your time trying to convey it to others. Well, not too much.

Life is so much better spent dancing around truth. The arts.

don’t forget leapin’

nice one


gemty: What should you do once you know the truth?

Retire to Tiajuana I say.

K: screw that. I’m going to Maui. :smiley:


Peter, the truth is that Maui is better.

a) its impossible to know every mystery because were limited by the memory for starters.
b)why would i care to know any mystery besides next weeks lotto #'s( i mean thats one mystery i could actually benefit from knowing)
c)if i knew everything why would i care to tell anyone?(not like there opinion would matter or they could teach me anything)


Maui is better. Well, at least I think it is.

Watch out for those undercurrents though. I almost drowned when I was 6 and I got sucked out to sea.

Who takes their kids to Maui when they’re six? What a waste!

I think i found the answer, once you know the truth you do whatever follows from the truth, so it is useless trying to figure out what to do if you don’t know the truth.

Wait, then this message is useless!

I would probably second-guess myself (because I would think of how it doesn’t seem logical or possible that one may “figure out” the truths to all mysteries) and start seeking evidence to back up my truths just to prove to myself that the information I hold is actually true. So… I would be searching for untruths to counter-act the truths that only I know.

If you know the absolute truth you will change unvoluntarily. Free will and choice will be gone, freedom a faint lingering odor. Absolute truth will be your sole master. You could do nothing but, what it dictates. So why is knowing it a goal?

Given that truth consists only of rational insight, you may be right. But even then, you have made comments about the nature of the world, causality, and truth from your current position. Knowing the truth does not necessarily imply omniscience. Quantum Physics, the possibility of “spirits” or metaphysical, non-determinist elements messing with the world exists. Especially given the last part, who says truth actually limits you at all? For example: If you “know the truth”, wouldn’t that possibly give you the methods to recognize your own conditioned action, and the way your mind works? And even if the world were entirely causal, wouldn’t that state be a happier one than this? Happiness always makes a good goal.
Back on course:
Of course, it all depends on your use of “truth”. I don’t suppose there are sentances that are necessarily true, not even this one.
Once I’ve found truth, I don’t do anything, if I don’t want to. My understanding of the closest I can get to truth is complete self-awareness, as it tells me why I think which things, and allows me to question my questioning. If I understand why I ask questions such as “what is the meaning of life?”, or similar questions that have the implication that there should or can be such a thing, I’ve basically answered them.

But, if you know the truth and you don’t follow the truth then why look for the truth? If you don’t follow the truth once it is found then you give lie to all you searched for and lose whatever effort you put into finding the truth. So why search for truth? Finding it can cause great loss or great rewards. I really don’t like 50/50 odds.