What do you do once you know the truth?

“But, if you know the truth and you don’t follow the truth then why look for the truth?”

Suppose you thought that truth was a kind of mathematics. Once you know mathematics, do you follow mathematics? If you “follow” mathematics, then you do not know mathematics.

The universe is fact. Life is opinion.

Opinion is an effort to change the facts, to use the facts for the ideologies.

This is not about truth. It’s about which ever lie feels best.

At the same time, all opinion is fact, because it exists within the mind or the instinct.

There are many truths. The universe is infinite.
So – which truth will you call true, and which truth shall you call a lie?

Maybe I started off the discussion on the wrong foot here, since I didn’t give proper mention to the definition of truth. You seem to be convinced that “truth” (whatever it means) is a kind of opinion, if anything, or a kind of thought. Argue against the possibility of truth being that which is not an opinion; i.e. cannot be grasped by thought.

It is difficult to come to an understanding of what we all mean by truth, since if we knew, then we would know what truth is. My view is that truth is the same as god or love, since both tend to possess a quality of mysticism that, upon understanding, would answer most, if not all, questions of life.

I understand that many truths we know of are either opinions, such as the universe is 11 dimensional, or actual facts deduced by logic, such as 1+1=2. I believe that neither of these kinds can ever be able to contain the knowledge of god or love, so in order to grasp these things we must go beyond thought and opinion. What I am trying to say is that, maybe, there is some kind of knowledge that is separate from opinion or thought, and by this I refer to it as truth.

There are many gods.

To worship the god of nature is to worship your own desire.

If you have ever dared to grasp and something beyond, above and better then the modern system – you will also find that it does not work in this world.

Peace can never kill a war. If you say to an enemy: “I love you. Instead of hurting you, I want for us both to be healed.” – you will be suicidal to the system, because the system is suicidal to the truth. It is the enemy of higher reason. The system is not united.


But what if that was opposite to the system? What if that was opposite to your own body? Your body was built for and by the system.

We are not made for a utopia of union. We are made in defective, mutating bodies of chaoting “freedom”, misunderstanding and conflict.

Weapons are born in reaction to weapons applied.

Earth, damned it is. All are born to die. They are left with nothing at all.

But the spirit can travel without moving.
In an infinite universe, it can find a place opposite to its origin.

If you want some proof of my God, then we should talk about it on msn or yahoo. In the middle of IM, I will show you.

Power corrupts because corruption is power.
Lies are the swords of mental warfare.