What do You See?



When you look at the above photograph, what do you see?

Is that person - Driven by Hate or Fear?

…or something else?

More than the photograph itself, what does your reaction say about your philosophical composure when you look at your initial reaction critically?


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Who cares?

He’s got a mask on, who cares?

Who cares. This is not philosophy.

There is no philosophy in that picture. Philosophy isn’t picture interpretation, there needs to be at least some words describing a synthesis of ideas.

I see a lot of blank lines in your posts. Is there some reason why you are writing in this way?

Wondered the same thing myself Phyllo… we could analyse it over on the Psych board :stuck_out_tongue:

Something missing…like his legs. Something about it reminded me of a Picasso. I don’t know what that is that extends out from his left arm - like something else, it’s incongruous, maybe his foot. ](*,)

That’s not so easy to determine. One might think that because of the gas(?) mask, he is driven by fear. But he may simply be 'prepared for anything". And the fact is, that though he has no feet, that i can see, he manages to uphold and sustain himself. One thing is for sure, he or she is grace under fire. Might be driven by sheer determination and will power. Not hate nor fear which is ultimately a wasted energy but the will to transcend himself.

And if you take a good or better look at the picture, where do you see him but out in front. That speaks for incredible, improbable possibilities though in our personal realities, we don’t often see them.

I don’t know…his head being sort of downwards, seems to display a despondency he’s trying to fight. And don’t read anything into that - I am not projecting. There is just that body language going on.

Probably more than a few something elses in there. Certainly at least two different kind of “beaches” that I can see.

Not sure what you mean by philosophical composure BUT…if I’m correct in what you mean…I’m really very curious about exploring and finding out what it is all about. As one can see, there is more than meets the eye there. There are different realites going on at the same time.