What do you think about peace and pacifism?

But Buddhism is not only a religion but also a Weltanschauung, a philosophy, an ethical system. And ethically it has much in common with Christianity as in stark contrast to Judaism and Islam.

The priest who married my wife and i told us that he founded an interfaith group in Tokyo, merging Catholicism and Buddhism. Such endeavors are not your run of the mill efforts, however. The late Allen Watts was a firm believer in the efficacy of interfaith practice, as was another Catholic priest, very notable, whose name I shall dig up and disclose in a minute.

Thomas Merton.

Wait … A priest married your wife?

I meant, hm…my wife and i. Course nowadays such statement wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. I am surprised at your conventionality.

I thought so but was not quite sure.

The priest marrying his wife would be interesting, but I want to see the selfies of the priest marring HIM. :open_mouth:



Do you agree, Jerkey?

One more time:

Was that priest more Christian (Catholic) or more Buddhistic?

Allen Watts and Thomas Merton were not Catholics.

:open_mouth: Thomas Merton was certainly Catholic.

Thomas Merton (1915-1968) was baptized Protestant. As adult he began (in the 1930’s) to be interested in Catholicism.

He converted to Catholicism in 1938 and became a Trappist Monk. How much more Catholic could a person be??

Pope. :sunglasses:


Type “again” as many times as you want. It don’t change a thing.

I do not want you to change your interpretation. But interpreatations are no facts. And it is a fact that Thomas Merton (1915-1968) was baptized Protestant and that he began (in the 1930’s) to be interested in Catholicism as an adult. Why should I not tell the facts or at least the facts at first? My Interpretation may follow, for example after Jerkey’s response.


What is that? A pictorial self-description?

Doing that ‘pretending not to know what perfectly ordinary sentences mean’ thing again, Arminius?