What do you think God is like?

If we accept that God exists, then a bigger and more important question arises, what is God like?

Any thoughts or speculation on what God is like?

Personally I am agnostic. I don’t believe in God. I also don’t disbelieve in God. I just have no idea if God exists or not.

More fascinating to me is the question of what is God like? The mere existence of God gives us no information about God.

For the past two thousand years or more God hasn’t publicly done anything. Any works of God have been done anonymously. God never come forward and says I did it. Oh a lot of other people come forward and say God did this or that, but never God.

So God might be shy, reclusive, secretive, private or have some kind of social anxiety. That is if God has any anthropomorphic qualities at all.

Feelings, emotions, and desires might by totally unimportant to God.

Some many people think that if God exists then God also cares about what they do, say, think, and feel. Why?

I think “god” is the soul that accompanies the universe- In the same way that your body has “a soul”. The universal body has a soul. That soul is “god”. When a person dies their body ussually becomes part of the “innanimate/god” and your spirit ussualy becomes part of “god/spiritual harmony/afterlife”

No, you’re wrong! God is The Justice System this life ordains to look after the people so life can proceed fairly for all at least in the long run. God is not some entity sitting in outer space, He’s everywhere. Think of it this way. The Supreme Justice of Canada is not just that, is it? It’s also a human being first, right? But then it proclaims justice to all, ok? That’s what God is, all kinds of different life of consciousness and the Chief Justice. Now we have free will to act as we please, but this act where it’s free also determines our fate by its very freedom and this fate can only follow. As such life has free will and also fate. I also believe in re-birth because there is fate. And where we are free to act, God has control over our fate.

I find that funny that I should respond to your post like that Dr. Projectile. Are you sure you did not edit your post? I know sometimes it does not show that you edited it. Whatever… I just wanted to say that, of course the soul is the collection of all spirits and is God or Higher Consciousness and when we die, the physical elements go to the physical environment and the mental go to the Higher Consciousness. I’ve talked about this idea much before in some other thread too. I think you just re-phrased my idea in other words. Whatever…


I don’t know if there is any right or wrong if we are merely speculating.

I have discussed the idea of a just God with you before. Justice seems like a humanistic goal. Something created by humankind for humankind. Not something divinely mandated. Like many human pursuits our pursuit of justice has both flaws and moment of triumph.

I must admit that I don’t know that much about the Canadian Justice System. I don’t know if it anything like the American Supreme Court, but I suspect they might be similar. The US Constitution established the American Supreme Court. It functions no better than every other human enterprise. It experiences both successes and failures.

If our actions determine our ultimate fate then how are we free? A secret judge seems complete unfair. Especially when the consequences are so incredibly weighty. Even execution is less horrific than the “justice” of everlasting torment.

Just a thought…

Lets say God decided to do something that would catch everone’s attention, say turn the sky pink and take let everyone know that He did it, to stop being anonymous. Would this not encroach on free will? Wouldn’t this jepordize the realtionship between God and man? If absolute evidence was provided for His existance, than wouldn’t that interfere with our ability to find God for ourselves?

What I believe God to be like:

I believe God is ironic. He makes the religious, who should be spiritually enlightened, contemplative etc. in actuality, fanatical, ignorant, selfish, war seeking etc. It amuses me that Christians are far from Christ-like. I see irony in what religion empowers people to do, the greatest evils and the greatest good.

Ultimately I believe God to be benevolent. I have the capacity to be loved and love, to slowly gain wisdom through experience, knowledge, emotion and intuition. Despite hardships sufferred during my life I have grown and am better for having over come them.

I also see profound irony that only two years ago I would have slapped myself in the face if I had told myself that it was possible to have a personal interactional relationship with God. Now I believe I experience such a relationship and I know how crazy that sounds to unbelievers. I would say that God is loving, that he seeks us and desires that we seek Him through study, introspection, critically evaluating what we believe to be true and prayer.

All the cliches about the Father, I believe, hold true. He provides us every opportunity to improve ourselves, he knows what is best for us, but lets us fall under our own will. He never leaves us. He is always willing to accept us. It used to bother me, because I could sense it before I knew what it was, but He comforts His children. There is a comfort in being in this relationship. It does seem infinately more difficult arguing from this side though.

He is in everything and everyone. Omnicient, omnipotent and benevolent. Interpesonal, intrapersonal, interrelational. And most importantly He is love.

This is my first post and I’m new at defending my beliefs. I will promise to do my best when someone opposes me, but please be patient. I still learning the culture and language of philosophy (I am committed to learn though).

God… is a word; describing, meaning and attributing powers and concepts of things we cannot understand, comprehend or know. Thus the word god is an abstract concept that is a place holder for a concept that we imagine exists but cannot imagine. Can you get your mind around to understand two parallel lines in the universe comming to meet at one point? Can you truly understand that? And you talk of understanding what god is, givin that he is.

God is a powerful concept of power. But to the human intellect god is nothing more than an abstract thought of the unimaginable.

Furthermore if I may, I would like to point out my observation that when most people speak of god and are reffering to god, it is almost always possible to interchange the word “god” with “life”. God being associated with life, and life being attributed a will. Think when someone dies and the person exclaims “Oh god why?”

Much to learn wrote:

What is love? How do you know he is love?

Does the thought of some being fully understanding and loving you give you great comfort? Afterall there is no substitute for that and no human being will ever be able to do this for you.

Beenajain wrote:

Do you think life proceeds fairly for all in the long run? Do you always reap what you sow? Arn’t the Judeo-Christian religions trying to account for and justify why some wicked people are on top of this world while other righteous people suffer. Or why one righteous person is rewarded but another isn’t. Can you explain any of this without attribution to karma in past lives or justice in the next world? How does the system of “this life” proceed fairly? Unless ofcourse by long run you meant another life or world.

God is the original theory offered to explain the unknown, circa 12,000 BC. To that original theory, men added dogma and created their synthetic Gods. The unknown began to shrink dramatically with the age of enlightenment and the emergence of modern science, circa 1500 AD, and the last 500 years have been the relentless transformation of the unknown into knowledge. Still the unknown remains, although the number of theories offered to explain the unknown have multiplied. The original theory of God now has lots of competition. However, all of these theories share the same characterisitcs of untestability and unfalsifiability.

If God exists, I think God is the unknowable mystery. Caught up in desire we lose sight of that mystery. But even today, 14,000 years later, there are still really only two ways to live: 1)As if nothing is a miracle or 2)As if everything is a miracle. The religion of the scientist is awe and reverance at the magnificence of the vast unfolding of natural events and the sheer humbling magnitude of what we do not know.

So God remains, the unknowable mystery. I think anyone who knows God would not say and that anyone who says does not know. I think that any God who can be told is not the true God. God is that which the wise man immediately accepts. God is that which the average man wonders whether or not it is wisdom. But God is that which makes a foolish man laugh out loud. If he did not laugh, it would not be God. God is the source from which all things come and to which all things return. Therefore, I could say God is great. But I think the source is unaware of its greatness and therefore, I could say God is humble. God is that which always existed and always will exist. God is confusion to those who think they know and God is revelation to those who know that they do not know. God is that which is both neccessary and sufficient in and of itself. God is that which has no potential for perfection but is already actually-realized, infinite perfection.


Our justice systems can be flawed but not the justice system of God. I think you misunderstand the point that I made - God does not punish us, we punish ourselves because of our actions, God only looks after our welfare and wellbeing by ensuring justice is there.

Fascinating as to not understanding, “two parallel lines in the universe coming to meet at one point,” I could even do better than understand their difficulty in making them meet at a point. I could make them into one big single joint line. Join the two perpendicularly with another line and the two parallels won’t even meet at just a point then, they’ll be joined together which is perhaps even better. Could you now say that the ll lines don’t meet? Can you even say which one is which? No! You would have to agree that they meet and on top of that they are united. So then how would you claim anymore that, “And you talk of understanding what god is” My dear?

For the other post, I did mean to include re-birth or life-after when I talked about that God or life or the justice system is fair in the long run.


I must admit that about 85-90% of the time I cannot understand any of your posts.

From what you have described, if God is ensuring justice, then God is the one who punishes us.

We can have laws for these concepts. We can understand how they occurs perhaps even why they occur. But no we cannot understand how two Parallel lines meet or become one. We know it to be true. But we do not really understand and don’t fool yourself that you do.

So if someone kicks you in the butt and causes much harm but you cannot kick him back because you are physically weak or don’t have enough courage or opportunity, then if God ensures justice by seeing that this person gets kicked in the butt back, He is not ensuring justice but punishing? No, He’s not punishing anyone from His side because He’s just being fair, that person who kicked you punished himself because of his indecent act.

As a side note, if you forgive this person who kicked you, from the bottom of your heart then God will not enact justice on your behalf. I know that because there is no need as you forgave him. But if you just make a show of forgiving then God will still enact justice because He can read your inner most thoughts.

What is god like??? Well he clearly isn’t human right? So we obviously can’t describe him using our human vices.


Ok. I am going to go more dramatic to make a point. If somebody (Fred) takes a shot at me with a gun and I, for whatever reason, don’t take a shot back at him then God arranges for a different person (Barney) to go and shoot Fred?

How is that fair? Is it Tooth for a Tooth and Eye for an Eye kind of fair?

How is Fred responsible for Barry shooting him if God arranged it? It sounds like God is responsible. God decided that Barney would shoot Fred. That is not justice, its vengeance.

And if I sincerely forgive Fred then God won’t send Barney to shoot him. And if I insincerely forgive Fred for shooting me, then God will send Barney to shoot him?

It just sounds silly.

Does God do this with ants when they fight? Or lions? Or fish?

I don’t know how God’s thinking and justice works but be very sure that when He is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent then obviously He’ll find the perfect way to enact justice which will not be anything like, “tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye.” Oh! No! And yes God must enact a similar justice to all other creatures too. I don’t know how God’s justice system works, you want to find out go and ask Him yourself :smiley:


I am very glad that you could admit that you “don’t know how God’s thinking and justice works…”

I hope that you will remember this in all your future conversations about God.

I hope you will refrain from saying things like,

because you “don’t know how God’s thinking and justice works…”

Accusing me so much, you just made my day :smiley:

I didn’t accuse you of anything.

I quoted you. I expressed my gladness. I expressed a few of my hopes for you.

I never said that I accuse you.