What do you want on Blue-ray

…when you switch.

It looks like this is the year that will bring in the switch to Blu-ray in a major way. Just as Gladiator helped usher in the DVD format, The Dark Knight appears to be doing the same thing for Blu-ray. Ironically, Gladiator has yet to be released in Blu-ray. There seems to be little rhyme or reason for which of the older films is being done in the format, and which not. There are some gems that aren’t, and trash that is.

BTW, the best source I’ve found for Blu-rays at a decent price if you don’t mind used (although many are still in the shrink wrap) is Half.com.

These are the ones I’m waiting for. (* means they’re planed to be available in the near future but at an unspecified date).

Fiddler on the Roof
Jesus Christ Superstar
West Side Story* (It’s in HD on Satellite/cable–?)
O Brother Where Art Thou
The Music Man*
The Devil’s Advocate
Alice in Wonderland
Little Shop of Horrors
School of Rock
Undisputed (2002)

I’m not holding my breath for these:

The Lion in Winter
Rollerball (1975)
Crossroads (1987)
Streets of Fire (released in HD/DVD–?)
Emperor of the North

I prefer to download my films and Blu-ray is one hell of an inconvenience, they’re like five times the size of a normal dvd! But if it’s all about the improvement in quality, sharper picture etc. then the epics have got to be the most worthwhile, like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars…:sunglasses:. I’m not too fussed about the Star Wars actually, I’d rather watch Harry Potter, in fact I do prefer Harry Potter, fuck Lucas!

Yeah, I’m not going to be replacing all of my DVD, just the ones with my highest rewatchable quotient. BD is a vast improvement in picture quality, but I haven’t noticed much difference in the sound.

I’m not going to switch until I absolutely have to and can by the Blu-Ray used.

About one month later, they will come out with something else incompatible to the Blu-Ray.

Scams, scams, scams, I refuse to buy a Blu-Ray when it comes out on general principle, I made the conversion to DVD only seven years ago.

I sympathize, but once I started watching HD, I couldn’t go back and had to go all the way. I did wait for the prices to come down to something I’d figure they’d level off at, and I refuse to pay the absurd prices they want for the movies even at Walmart and Costco, buying them instead on the second hand market.

Wanting Blu-ray is a personal matter of priority based on taste. I don’t see how they’re going to come out with a better format unless it’d be HD holograms or something, and the players just recently coming out can have their internal programing updated via an Ethernet connection on the units.

The next step before holograms is going to be an expanded sort of 3-D viewing, I believe.

Wouldn’t that be holographic?

The next step could be, say, in virtual goggles–better than holograms. But that would require the subject matter being “filmed” with new technology. Yet that, hologramology or whatever could still possibly be recorded on Blu-ray discs in the now programmably upgradable Blu-ray players.

(I am so over my head here.)