What does a belief in god do for you?

This thread is made as a sort of question to religious people.

I simply don’t understand people who believe in a god or a religion as a atheist.

Everyday I’m surrounded by you people and like a outsider I just don’t understand you.

( And with a world that is 90% religious it sucks being the ten percent minority as a atheist and often enough only adds to my lack of any faith or general trust in humanity.)

What is it that you get out of a belief in a god? What does it do for you? What’s the point of it all?

I have a deep seeded need to follow

so it helps in that area

It doesn’t do crap for me.

You might as easily just asked, “What does having blue as your favorite color do for you?”

It’s part of an extension that is a result of me; it feeds back along with everything else I cause reaction with, and results in compiling a computation of cognition and sensation that produces an interpretation of reality, but it is not the defining outward force that allows for this; it is part of what is me as my nerve endings are.

So, shrug, it does nothing for me that I would not do.

nothing , except

Humans being caught between the battle of god and the devil

A belief in god may prevent you from knowing God.
What then does it do for you? The ultimate disservice!


Warm cosy feeling inside.
Someone to talk to.
Someone to blame.
Fellowship with others.
Conversational gambits.
A feeling of still being able to do something productive when all else has been attempted and been found unequal to the task (this one still gets me).
Life’s mysteries solved.
Justification to beat the shit out of some people you don’t like.

Endless list of stuff.

For a man of faith you sure do a lot of shrugging. why is that?

What does a belief in god do for you? What I can see it do to other people just pisses me off, as they throw this life away in hopes that the next will be better. I have no need for it I have no fear of death this is my paradise.

Because the subject of God doesn’t strike me as something that does anything for me.
It’s something that is just part of me.

So the question of what a belief in God does for me strikes me about the same as asking me what having skin does for me.
It’s not something I’ve really pondered and just take as a given.
Therefore, I shrug because it’s simply not remarkable to me.

Thank you Paul for pressing the idea out that greatly aided in destroying the focus on the rejoicing of this life.

Same here.

As I’ve always said, if there is an option for recursive life…I’ll be among the many to volunteer to run back to the roller-coaster line.

And also I have always said, I am man…not another.
If God made man here, and I am man, then I belong here and this is my home granted to me to rejoice in all of it’s forms through simply living.
I am a man, and I am alive; that is my paradise; that is my grant.

“What does a belief in god do for you?” If (since) God is Truth, I think that answers the question.

When in distant past I believed in god, it made me feel like the world had order. That it was fair on some higher level even though events happening around were unfair, that it all ultimately made sense, that human life was important and not meaningless.

People who believe at the moment would probably not talk about it in such terms. You need to compare it to another state of mind first, and if you believed all your life it’s hard to know what you find in your belief what life lacks otherwise.

I wouldn’t call it a god, but something to aspire to be. Gives me purpose, and aids me in measuring up to a standard.

A deep seeded need to follow? Please explain.

That’s interesting because I’m one of those people if somthing doesn’t do anything for me I don’t invest in it at all.

I fail to see your comparison.

That sounds interesting where you have alot of intriguing metaphors in that statement, but what exactly does it all mean?

What is god? What is a devil? :-k


Your belief in a god is just apart of you is basically what your saying here. Apart of you in what way exactly?

You say god is truth. What does this mean? What truth are you speaking of?

You don’t grasp this at all?

I’m having doubts and sense an egging on here (but perhaps I’m mistaken on that), but the point is that it’s inherent into who I am naturally as my identity of who I am.
Hence, you might as well ask what having eye color does for me…nothing.
It’s not something you invest in, for me, this is something that just is; like speech (regardless of form).

So religion is merely a mental projection or aspiration where it is nothing else beyond that?

I thought I made myself abundantly clear that I’m a atheist.

As a atheist of course I don’t grasp what you as a religious person grasp.

How? Is it just somthing you grew up with where in your adult life span you just can’t shake it off because it’s become so routine for you to believe in what you have grown up with?

Is that what your speaking about here?

You keep speaking about eye color and skin but I fail to see how this is a accurate comparison.

Please explain.

If religion just is I would expect everybody to be religious but the simple fact is that not everybody is religious therefore there must be somthing as to why many people buy into religion which is the focal point of this thread.