What does God do?

God does nothing, so God makes no difference. People can make a difference, because people can and do take action. Now it is people who are ones believing, trusting, having confidence in and having faith in God, while God does nothing. Most people who are ones believing, trusting, having confidence or having faith in God don’t do it in response to God having actually done something to them, with them, or for them. Most of the ones who believe, trust, have confidence in or have faith in God do it out of mere habit.

maybe they hope and believe because they hope that once they die, their experience isnt as empty and pointless as the body that remains.

people who religiously go to church and do pointless crazy stuff(i guess youd call them religious people), they have been fooled into thinking that their priest is in closer communication with god than they are, and that god has told them through the priest that they need to eat crackers in order to go to heaven.

i forgot who said it, i seem to think it was clifford something, he said that when you calculate the risks and sacrifices involved in the situation, the logical choice is to be devoutly religious in some way. ‘the divine gamble’ or something like that

what he means is, what do you get if you are religious and it turns out that god is fake: you wasted approximately 17.4% of your time on earth

what happens if your not religious and god is real: eternal torture

what happens if your not religious and god is fake:nothing. except you spent that 17% better than your sucker friends. you spent it watching tv.

and of course what happens if god is real and you were a good boy? heaven.

so gambling your 17% of tv time on gods existence is in fact worth doing to possibly avoid hell and gain heaven at the expense of one thousand episodes of the newlyweds.

but only if god is really shallow and doesnt care that this is the method you employed to become religious.

of course following the golden rule is its own reward. maybe ive just been influenced by society to feel this way, but when i help someone at my expense and they are so surprised and elated, its better than sex easily. if you dont think so, i dont think youve experienced a sufficient example. cause it surprised me the first time.


I’m starting to wonder about you. Assuming a creator, which is a BIG assumption, why would he/she have to do anything? Having created man, what more should we expect? Was there something he/she “forgot” to do?


Running his kingdom with dictatorship and misgovernment.

God does not run His Kingdom with misgovernment. That’s your kingdom that runs that way.

Vale bene,
just a poor ill-made knight

“That’s your kingdom that runs that way.”

You think that’s necessary mate?

Yes, it would probably be beneficial if I would just stop.

Most people who believe in God would disagree that “God does nothing”, so you need to argue from one to the other, since they are very controversial when taken together.

that is the most conundrous argument in existence.

The atheist says to the theist “show me god”

The theist says “look at the wonders of nature all around you.”

the atheist says “bah, that is natural, there is no need for a higher power there.”

the theist says “Look at the wonders of the human mind and of the soul.”

the atheist says “Bah, no need for god there, evolution put the mind in order. Art gives man his soul.”

So you see there is no way to win this argument of wether god does anything. the theist sees god in everything, the atheist sees god in nothing.

Maybe God made science…they made the universe and now science runs the universe…so maybe God does do much by proxy.

God made the world in 7 days, right fellas?

dammit uniqor

shadow and light:
i wish i had known how to use the term ‘by proxy’ 17 hours ago when i started writing my last post arguing your point at skythe


its called having different beliefs, like i believe that the roaches in my bathroom are aliens monitoring my fecal activity and you believe that i am an idiot. is it possible to prove who is right?

yes catch the roach and dissect it, to learn it’s just a normal insect.

better yet seek mental help from a psychiatrist.

The question of God’s existence and your belief in him is called Pascal’s Wager

That didn’t happen. Someone made the assertion that God does nothing, I’m challenging the assertion.

I agree that there’s no way to resolve the dispute through natural theology alone. Luckily as a Christian, I don’t think that’s the only information we have access to.

What do you mean by ‘day’? Keep in mind that during the first two days, according to Genesis, there was no Sun.


Who is to say humans make any difference? We live to die, due to Atheist beliefs (not my own) In an infinite universe we all will eventually die, so where then will our accomplishments be? Why should we follow a dream which only exists in mans world when the most important thing of eternity only lasts so long?

So is controversy enough of a motivation to avoid asking a question?

I certainly wouldn’t suggest that humans make a cosmic difference. Whatever we do to the Earth, it will have little effect outside of our solar system.

The differences we can make and that we do make are on the human level. This level doesn’t have extreme longevity but we don’t live at that scale. We live day-to-day. It is here, each day we live, where our accomplishments matter. They matter to us and they matter to other people. If I give a broke man five dollars, the universe does not care but both the man and I have been changed. Maybe not much, but it is something. It may be all that we have.

Likewise if I kill a man the universe won’t bat an eye. Still his family will cry out for justice.

i agree. god is perfect, right my religious friends? what could motive something perfect, is it love? are you saying something that is projected by a mere lobe in our brain, is the same thing that a perfect god experiences? are you saying he is motivated by what motivates humans? something that is perfect has no desires, why would a god create man? what motivated him?

that question is the only reason i am an agnostic. not because of violence, or because of no proof. just that simple question.

…whatever WE tell him to, or her, or it, or whatever!