What Does Music Do For You

Fantasy, expression.

Some people say music can ‘put’ them into a certain mood. I listen to what corresponds with mine. Also, music can be good if I feel particularly teenage-angsty.

The question is what doesn’t music do for me?

One of an uncountable amount of anwsers: it doesn’t get you laid… Or does it?

Music has never done anything for me. It never had any good intentions for my ear canal.

It has done many things to me however. Specifically, my brain and its vast array of chemical inhabitants.

For instance, jazz, classical, ambient, well-crafted electronic music, all help me study and/or relax.

Reggae has made me dance on many an ocassion. Hip-hop and electronic music went hand in hand with my stint in breakdancing. Hard rock and metal have helped me relate and release anger rather than lashing out at people. Bluegrass and folk music are very heart warming and can really put me in a good mood. Sometimes I listen to non-vocal music for an aural background while I’m reading.

ACB had it right. What doesn’t it do?

Music was one of my earliest passions and will continue to be one of my most favorite aspects of life.

Name a favorite CD/Record of yours! (Yes, I’m hijacking your thread)
And then tell us ‘why’…

Right now, one of my favorite CDs was produced by George Harrison and features Ravi Shankar on the sitar accompanied by male and female vocalists engaged in Vedic chanting. It’s entitled, rather blandly, Chants of India.

Others that come to mind are the Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld, the Mars Volta’s Deloused In The Comatorium, the Future Sound of London’s The Isness, A Perfect Circle’s The 13th Step, Pink Floyd’s Meddle, Nine Inch Nail’s The Fragile, Ott’s Blumenkraft, and Robert N. Marley’s Catch A Fire.

C’mon, Hermes Type 3, I know you want to tell us all some of your favorites! (Well, I know I want to hear them at least)[/i]

I don’t have no favourite CDs. But I do have a lot of good recordings of classical pieces.

My favourite is Van Beethoven. He is balanced between the Classic and Romantic. His music is full of fantasy and passion. Listening and playing his work fullfills some of my never-gona-come-true dreams and helps me to express deep feelings inside which I can’t get out from, say, participating in an on-line forum.