what does this mean

Alexander the Great said “I don’t fear an army of lions, led by a sheep; i fear an army of sheep, led by a lion”.

The quote almost seems absurd. I would never fear an army of sheep, led by a lion. The lion yes, the sheep no.

I’m a writer, and an editor asked me if i knew what that quote meant because i used it in a story. she felt that i should at least, know what it means if i’m going to use.

Anybody have any ideas?

it’s the leader that makes all the difference, is what the quote implies to me. like, no matter how strong the soldiers are, if the leader is weak, the army is weak, and if the leader is strong, the army is strong.

Yeah, what Humpty said. The quote is saying something about the leader. It’s elevating the significance of a leader and the impact he can have on a group. The quote’s saying if the leader is weak, i.e., a sheep, then his army won’t be powerful even if the individual soldiers are strong, and vice versa.

I thought that was self-evident myself, but obviously not to the op author… #-o

What does this one mean - ‘If the cap fits, wear it’?

Should you really wear it? Do you find all appropriately fitted caps in the world and wear them? Is there a specific cap we are referring to? What are the moral consequences? We need to know these things.

Youe explanation seems superficial and shallow - Like taking the easy way out.

When you ask religious scholars and philosophers what Jesus meant when he was dying. Jesus said “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me”!
Religious scholars and philosophers take the easy way out and say “Well, Jesus took on all the sins of mankind upon himself as he hung on the cross, and God is too Holy to look on sin, so he turned away from Jesus as he was about to die. Jesus felt abandonded.”

This is , of course, a bone headed theory - But that is the answer that has become dogma.

My theory is much deeper than that. In the gospel story, Jesus went into a garden to pray right before he was arrested. He fell down weeping, sweating, and praying - pleading- with God to “take the cup from him”. Jesus wanted out. He didn’t want to suffer and be crucified. He asked God three times. We also know from the Gospel story that Jesus believed that God would give him, do for him, anything that he asked. I believe that Jesus believed that God, his father, would intervene and rescue him from dying. BECAUSE HE ASKED HIM TO. But, with his last breath, he realized that it was not going to happenm, there was not going to be another way for jesus to accomplish his mission. So he said what he said.

When you consider the fact that Alexander saw himself as “A lion, leading an army of lions”, your answer doesn’t hold water. Why would a lion, leading an army of lions, fear an army of sheep, led by a lion?

Sorry about the typo’s, folks. Is there an edit button?

I just wanted to mention one more thing.

With THAT thought in mind, tell me what his quote means. A lion, leading an army of lions - fears - an army of sheep, led by a lion.

People that have answered this question, thus far, have answered it like they are dyslexic.

“IF” Alexander had said " I don’t fear a sheep, leading an army of lions. I fear a lion, leading an army of sheep". THAT, would go to the leader. THAT quote would be understandable. THAT would JUSTIFY THE ANSWERS THUS FAR.

but, the quote attributed to Alexander is “I don’t fear an army of lions, led by a sheep, I fear an army of sheep, led by a lion”. THAT goes to the army as much as it goes to the leader. the QUESTION that i seek an answer to is : “WHY WOULD A LION, WHO LEADS AN ARMY OF LIONS, FEAR AN ARMY OF SHEEP, LED BY A LION”?

Regardless of what Alexander thought about his own army wutchy, the phrase is about any other army. So it doesn’t matter that he thought he was a lion leading lions, the phrase is about who he is fighting. I they have a good leader, he is more fearful.

The point about jesus is interesting though.

Cheegster, so, in your theory, Alexander the lion, and his army of lions, fear the SINGLE LION that is leading the army of sheep?
Thats what i get from your post.

At the risk of introducing another mammal into an already overcrowded marketplace: Isn’t it a silly lion that doesn’t factor in the underdog?

Even lions leading lions have been known to fail in the face of an army of sheep lead by an underdog.

Oh god the metaphors fail me.

But I think that is what Alexander was musing upon. The Leonidas at Thermopylae effect (strictly speaking lions in charge of lions facing sheep lead by a goat).

What about the sheep that leads the army of lions. Why is he so easy to dismiss. Must be one hell of a sheep that can convince an army of lions to follow him.
He maybe a sheep, but he DOES have an army of lions. what “silly” sheep, wouldn’t factor in the army of lions?

On this side of the pond, we sometimes say: “If the shoe fits, wear it.” Hence, some also like to say: “If the shoe fits, kick yourself with it.”

As for caps, sometimes they should both fit and be worn; and sometimes not.

If a cap doesn’t fit it is likely to be blown off.

It’s so incredibly deep!

How is that case in point? You told a cool story, bro about jesus, and that’s supposed to have some implications about what Alexander intended his saying to mean? Oh it sounds superficial? I’m guessing it’s because your ears are fine tuned to Alexander’s thoughts. Go fuck yourself.

Haha, a litle unnecessary, somebody has sand in their vagina today :wink:

It is a pretty easy phrase to interpret though, come on.

I said “Your explanation seems a ittle shallow” Like taking the easy way out , with drivel.
Then i went on to present a case in THAT point to another explanation that takes the easy way out, but is mere mindless drivel, UNQUESIONED BY THE DRIVELERS.

Anybody that tells me they can understand Alexanders quote, is a pure, unadulterated liar.

Had he said “I don’t fear a sheep, leading an army of lions, i fear a lion, leading an army of sheep”. that would be understandable. Alexander is a lion, and the lion leading the sheep is also a lion. Said that way, it puits emphasis on the leader. But Alexander SUPPOSEDLY didn’t say it that way. He is alledged to have said : “I don’t fear an army of lions, led by a sheep, i fear an army of sheep, led by a lion.” If i’m leading an army of lions, and i’m a sheep, i can guarantee you that i wouldn’t fear an army of sheep if they were led by 100 lions.

So when xzc has no answer, it’s just “go fuck yourself”. Cowards with a computer, keyboard, and some typing ability - on a philosophy DISCUSSION board.
The only thing that i’m sure of is that “go fuck yourself” might fly on an internet discussion board, where cowards and sissys like to hide. but surely, it wouldn’t be said to my face. I have a rule for myself. “If i wouldn’t say it to your face, i just won’t say it”. I’d say “go fuck yourself” to anybodys face. But nobody, and i mean nobody, would dare say that to my face. fighting words are just that. I’d knock any clown out that ever said that shit to my face.

I guess this board isn’t moderated. If i was a moderator, it would be easy for me to spot the clowns with a computer keyboard and the ability to type" i love philosophy". why keep them around, if they bring nothing to the table, except little snipes from a sissy mouth?

xcz, you do you think that my story was supposed to have some implications about what alexander said. i told the case in point, to have implications to the easy way ouit, when you have no real answer. you just make any old thing up. You suggest that my story and theory about jesus was meant to have implications as to what alexander said, when clearly, i said "your anseer seems shallow, like taking the easy way out. THEN i explained a case in point to giving shallow answers and taking the easy way out.
cheegster did exactly that. He didn’t even offer an answer. He jusat said “it’s easy to understand, come on”.

This is Hall of Questions, not Rant House. I’m locking this thread for 24 hours until you can play nicely, xzc and wutchy get an unofficial warning.